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Wpdesigner sold for $66,000!

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As a follow up to my Wpdesigner for sale blog post (which was in turn a follow up to my membership giveaway), I’m here to announce that Wpdesigner has finally sold on SitePoint for a cool 66 grand. Yes, you read that right, $66,000 American dollars. I’m glad Small Potato got a great price for it, and I’m also glad that he seems to have found a good buyer, Pawel Ciszewski. On this post announcing the change of ownership, Small Potato states the themes club will continue, so no worries to those who got the free (and paid) memberships.


Leland Fiegel was the original founder of ThemeLab. He is a web developer who loves WordPress and blogging.

  • Carol

    Wow, that is just great. I am very happy for you. I am currently using a Small Potato theme on my blog right now. Congrats to you!

  • Leland

    @Carol: Congrats to me? Well…I think the congratulations should be for Small Potato and the new owner, Pawel. :P

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Malan

    Pawel Ciszewski’s Problem

    It was recently announced that the popular WP Theme site was purchased by someone named Pawel Ciszewski. This has been fully covered on other sites and is not news at this point. The problem is… that neither is Pawel Ciszewski.

  • Leland

    @Malan: Your site is loading incredibly slow. I was able to access what you wrote through Google cache. Seems a little premature to overreact to just 3 days of silence, but I guess we’ll see.

  • Cory from Dental Heroes

    Still premature to be speculating? How could anyone in their right mind drop that kind of money only to drop off the face of the earth?

  • Cory from Dental Heroes

    Wow, here we are 4 months later, and still nothing but the inaugural post from Pawel. What a shame. I hope this guy was made of money, because $66,000 is no small amount of money to drop on a site that you don’t plan on nurturing.