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WP Sleek – Free WordPress Theme

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Now we have Sleek and Stylish. WP Sleek is yet another ported theme, this time from our friends at, originally called Sleek. This free WordPress theme features a widget-ready sidebar (as usual) and a little place at the top to write whatever text you want. View the live demo here. Download the theme here. Screenshot is below.

WP Sleek Screenshot

If anyone has any requests from’s free CSS templates, feel free to leave a comment.

  • blogzilla

    Love the transition and colors. The header should never exceed more than 140px. It’s taken too much of the top fold. It’s still a nice design, consider the change.

    Is it widget ready? I may have overlooked that.

  • Leland

    @blogzilla: Yeah the header is a bit tall. I’m sure with some CSS editing it wouldn’t be too hard to decrease the height. And yes, it does have a widget-ready sidebar.

  • SimpleBrowser

    I am looking for a new theme for my blog. I am in blogspot and want to switch to wordpress! This theme looks good. In the header section, can I add widgets? Thanks.

    Keep adding more themes.

  • Leland

    @SimplyBrowser: Glad to hear you’re switching from Blogspot. As the theme is coded now, you can’t add widgets. Try checking out my article here on widget-ready themes.

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    This template does not work well with FF :(

  • Leland eek…you’re right. I’ll look into this issue.