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WP Multiflex 5 – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have a very special free WordPress theme release. This is a ported theme, designed by Gerhard of and integrated into WordPress by myself. This is the latest release of the famous Multiflex series of templates. The theme has a widgetized sidebar. It has been tested to be compatible with WordPress 2.5. This one has some other very interesting features, which will be detailed below.

WP Multiflex 5 Screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now onto the features…

Page List Control

There are two page list displays in the header, one in the top right (below the flag icons) and one in the lower left. Upon activating the theme, you will notice a theme options page, which can control which page items are displayed in each of these page lists.

WP Multiflex 5 Options

You can check off the boxes of the pages you don’t want to display, and choose to order them by title (alphabetically), by date published, or by menu order.

Post Icon Choice

Making use of the several post icons available in the original Multiflex 5 template, a custom field can be defined to set a post icon for a specific post or page. This may be useful in differentiating different types of posts to your readers.

The above custom field values can be used with the icon custom field key. This will change the default post icon to whichever of the above you choose.

WP Multiflex 5 Custom Fields

This is what it would look like if you chose to use the video icon, for example.

WP Multiflex 5 Icons

Of course this is optional. If you do not create an icon custom field for your post, the default icon will be used. This method can also be used on pages.

If you have any support-related issues, I ask that you please post in the theme support forum. Hope you like it.

Update: In regards to the comment below about the header title line length being too short, Gerhard (the designer) has offered a fix. In the mf54_grid.css file, change:
.sitename {width:300px; ..... }
.sitename {width:500px; ....... }

I’ve updated the download so any new downloads won’t need this fix.

  • Peter

    Nice looking theme !

    One minor issue : on the ‘live demo’ the blog name is somewhat longer than in the pic above and drops the final word (server) on a new line.
    This then pushes the ‘just another WordPress blog’ tag almost completely behind the breadcrumb navigation-cum-search bar.
    You may want to give the blog name (much) more horizontal space or change the height of the header to accomodate a double line blog name.

  • Anto

    Pretty good, not my scene tho.

  • Leland

    @Peter: Yes, you’re right about that. This is how the original template was designed however, so don’t want to mess with it.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Evan

    I really like it, any plans on making it support 3 columns? I’d use it if it was.

  • Leland

    @Evan: That could be a possibility…at the moment these are the only templates available.

    By the way, the title header width has been fixed (thanks to Gerhard). See the bottom of the blog post for the update.

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  • Emre

    This’s pretty and simply theme. I love it, thank u.

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  • perthmetro

    Brilliantly themed for a brilliant design

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  • Pete

    In the original there was is the option of have two columns wihint he main column – would it be hard to incorporate this into this theme so that only the left or right coumn (within the main section) contains the blog and the other column static – hard coded?

  • Leland

    @Pete: I honestly didn’t see a three column version in Multiflex 5. Are you thinking of previous versions of Multiflex?

  • Pete

    Have a look here…
    and scroll down until you get to Colour Scheme Contest and Author – there’ s two columns within the main body – sort of…

    ps. can you make the text in these boxes darker, the light green is very hard to read on white ;)

  • Pete

    Hi Leyland… I’ve sussed it out. You already had the 2 column css code for in the style sheet! I’ve managed to make the pages and posts layout work but if i click on a category link the side bar is underneath the main body… how do I configure this ‘page’ , I can’t see the archives.php in the theme folder??

  • Leland

    @Pete: The category pages are being pulled from the index.php template in the template hierarchy.

  • Pete

    Thanks Leland, the index.php need 2 extra ‘s (4 in total) compared to the page.php and single.php which needed only 2 ,/div>’s

  • Pete


    Thanks Leland, the index.php need 2 extra ‘s’s (4 in total) compared to the page.php and single.php which needed only 2 ’s

  • Leland

    Hey Pete, you may have use the bracket symbol code instead of an actual bracket to display code here. WordPress automatically strips that stuff out. Try this converter.

  • Pete

    Thanks Leland, the index.php need 2 extra closed DIV tags (4 in total) compared to the page.php and single.php which needed only 2 closed DIV tags

  • Pete

    OK I’ve got the categories (index.php), single posts(single.php) and single pages(pages.php) formatted correctly so that there are 2 columns in the left content area, but now the monthly archiving is all wonky – where do I find the archive by month file?

  • Leland

    @Pete: There isn’t one specifically for the months. It’s all handled in the index.php file, like I mentioned above. It handles all the category archives, monthly archives, tag archives, etc.

  • Pete

    I’m battling through all this and determined to get it to work… The index.php is a strange one. I can’t get it to work like page.php or single.php in so far as having the dynamic content in the right column of the content area (not the sidebar), and some static content in the left column. Also two of of 3 categories list their contens fine whilst the last category throws out the layout? why on earth would it only occur with one category and not the other?.. mean?

  • fhranz

    Hello all,
    I downloaded the CMS of the Multiflex, i just wonder that there are no instructions on how to integrate the front end and the back end. And also I cant find the username and password to the Live Demo.

    i hope someone can help me about this


  • fhranz

    btw, here is the error of the index.php
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in C:\xampplite\htdocs\wp-multiflex-5\index.php on line 1

  • Leland

    @fhranz, What version of WordPress are you using?

  • fhranz

    @Le land
    I downloaded the lastest wp last week
    vesrion: wp-multiflex-5

  • Leland

    @fhranz: This is a WordPress theme. It requires WordPress to be installed first before you can use it. Please refer to this WordPress installation tutorial first.

  • Peter From

    Nice work… Though some irritating bugs. Check out the breadcrumbs… If you you pick the ABOUT SUBPAGE 1 it should say HOME | ABOUT | SUBPAGE 1 and not HOME | SUBPAGE 1. Also there are som CSS issues, but overall very nice.

  • elion

    Nice work.
    What version of WordPress are you using?

  • Jose Andrade

    Hey!… thanks for the theme. It is great.

    My problem is that I’m trying to customize the borders to the colors I like, and it only publishes on shades of gray (red is black, blue is gray). How come I can’t change the color or the images? (tried with bg_corner_page_bottom.gif for example)

  • Toxane

    Well done, two thumbs up!

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  • difo


    impossible to register on your forum…

    I would like to add some text widgets in the side bar.

    But css do not apply on text. How can I fix that?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Leland

    @difo: What does it say when you register to the forum? Seems others don’t have a problem with it.

    Text widgets can be styled with the “textwidget” class. So for example, if you wanted to add 5 pixels of padding to it, you would add the following to your stylesheet.

    .textwidget {padding:5px;}

    Hope this helps!

  • difo

    Sorry, an other question : how can we change the icon for widgets?

    Very nice theme.


  • difo

    Thank you very much, Leland. Will try that right now.

    Reagrding forum : I just do not receive your mail with password.

  • Leland

    @difo: Okay, I’ll look into the forum issue. About the icons for the sidebar, there’s no way presently to change them around – like you can with custom fields on the posts.

  • JamboUK

    Unable to add comments to any post using this theme. Default themes work fine.

    What am I missing? Please help as I love this theme.

  • Leland

    @JamboUK: Can you be a little more specific? Do you see an error? What WordPress version are you using? Thanks.

  • Steph

    There should be more themes like this one… I have a hard time finding a theme I like because they all make blogs look like a mess of text. It’s always difficult to see when a post begins and ends in the page so it just looks like a MESSED UP WALL of text. This is the main drawback of almost every blog theme on the net.

    With this theme, posts, sidebar, links, categories, archives are divided in standalone “panels” which makes everything look cleaner, everything is WELL sorted out and this makes the blog a much more readable.

    Really, all wordpress themes mostly lack of this kind of sorting. Rainbow Dream is good in that way too.

    There is one annoying thing… when I post an image, everything that is after the images is displayed on the side of the image instead of under. I have to push the text using “enters” until it’s under the image. It does the same thing to the “Posted on [date] in [category] | Edit | No comments»” part. If I want it to push it down where it should be, I must add as much “enter” as the height of the image.

  • Steph

    Themes should all be as well sorted out as this one. It looks cleaner than any other theme. I love it (My last comment did not make it =( )

  • Leland

    @Steph: Your last comment wasn’t lost. First time commenters are moderated.

    To fix the image problem, find the following line in your style.css file.

    .main img {clear:both; float:left; margin:3px 15px 7px 0; border:solid 3px rgb(200,200,200);}

    And comment it out like this:

    /* .main img {clear:both; float:left; margin:3px 15px 7px 0; border:solid 3px rgb(200,200,200);} */

    See if that helps…

  • Marco


    I’m using this theme since a couple of weeks and just love it, but I do have “the image problem” too.

    Here’s my image css:

    .main img {clear:both; float:left; margin:3px 15px 7px 0;}

    .main {clear:both; float:none; display:block; margin:0 auto;}


    .main img.right {clear:both; float:right; margin:3px 0 7px 10px;}

    As you can see I have a tiny space between the image and the text. I want it that way. Easier to read, etc. But centering imagines does not work. It ignores it.

    I commented out the code you mentioned, but then I do not have any space between the image. Looks very bad.

    Actually I want for articles (article text is justified) some centered image first, then some text, then a left aligned image, some more text and finally a right aligned image. Well, I just can’t get it to work lol.

    Do you have any idea?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Marco

    nevermind am using a different theme now

  • Josh Hall

    Hi there,

    This may well be a stupid question, but I am new to WP…could you possibly tell me how to get rid of the flag icons on the right hand side of the header?

    Thank you!

  • Josh Hall

    No worries, got it.

    Thanks for the theme!

  • Carson

    The strong tags in my posts don’t work. Where do I go in the css to change the code so that I can bold words?

  • Carson

    The strong and em tags will not bold and italicize words (respectively) after implementing this template. To fix this, add the following to the CSS stylesheet:

    strong {font-weight: bold;}
    em {font-style: italic;}

  • Carlos H.

    Thank you for the multiflex package. I’m a newbie who installed it my server and almost everything is good from the newbie perspective.

    Question: I uploaded and activated the MCE Advanced Plug-in Editor (not sure if that matters)..I am attempting to write posts, but my text is not wrapping in the editor and it is double spaced. I dont’ see a way to resolve the wrapping and spacing issue. I want it single spaced.

    Can someone please give me a pointer.

    Thank you.

  • Larry

    Cool and simple theme!

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  • News

    Thanks for the theme!

    Very nice theme

  • lindebjerg

    Thank you for a super nice theme!

    I am new into WordPress – I cannot find the space in your stylesheets to change the color of the Headline and subheadline???

    About function and design, it seems to work with many new plugins and the simple grey style makes it easy to make a nice layout.

  • Dmitry

    If you using IE6 submenu haven’t work.
    For example go to link “about” on top link , and you never saw sumblinks in IE6

  • Lindebjerg

    Thanks for a great theme!
    I would like to know if there is a German Langues file!
    Great simple Layout, just the style I would like to use in German.

  • Sean


    Sub-menus do not work in IE6.

    It appears that Sub-menus do work under IE6 with the multiplex original. They do not work in this WordPress version. Is the implementation of the sub-menus very different?

    Please advice were in the code the drop down occurs, at the least I can attempt to correct the IE6 issue.

    Not having sub-menus in IE6 is a deal breaker for me please advice.


  • Sean

    It seems the subpage dropdown menu’s do not function in IE6.

    Please advice how I can go about correcting this.


  • Buck

    I have tentatively chosen this theme for one of my websites. I have noticed that some themes display only the article summary on the first page and others, including this one, displays the entire articles. I would love to use this theme, but I really need one that displays the summary on the first page as some of the articles I will be posting are quite long.

    Is this a difficult feature to add and will you be adding it?


  • Leland

    @Buck: No, it’s not a difficult feature. You can do this in two ways. First is to cut off the frontpage post text by using the <!–more–> tag.

    The second way, if you’d rather use excerpts, is to go in the index.php file and replace the_content() with the_excerpt().

  • Arend

    I have a problem with the style sheet of this theme ( Zoom out and there is no green background at the bottom of the page.

  • Michelle

    I have been trying to get the archives to show the titles. It looks correct in the theme’s sidebar.php:


    But it doesn’t show any titles. It only shows the month.

    How can I get it to show the post title under each month?

  • Valerie

    How to get ride of the flags on the top banner? And how do I also remove the menu on the top right banner?

  • Paul

    Sorry for asking a dumb question but I am not a design guru. Is it possible to change a single page (or create a custom template to use on multiple video pages) in this theme to remove the sidebar on a single page? (so the whole page is just a single column