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Would You Be Interested in bbPress Themes?

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bbPress is forum software made by the creators of WordPress. It’s simple and lightweight. It powers Theme Lab’s support forums. I was working on a bbPress theme the other day, and thought it might be a good idea to offer matching bbPress themes to go along with some of the WordPress themes here at Theme Lab.

Here are some screenshots of the TechJunkie theme for bbPress I’ve been working on…after the jump.

TechJunkie bbPress Home

TechJunkie bbPress Posts

I’m still working on it, so it’s not completely “polished” yet. For now, you can see the live demo here.

I know the top navigation links don’t actually link to anything. Remember, my intention was to integrate these forums as an extension of a WordPress blog, so hopefully you would already have existing pages to link to.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to leave a comment.

  • Jordan

    I would love to see some more bbpress themes along with guides on how to port WordPress themes to a bbpress theme. Maybe as you port yours over you can make a guide or checklist.

  • Calítoe.:.

    “Would You Be Interested in bbPress Themes?” Definitely yes. :) Thanks a lot for all your efforts.

  • Josh

    It’s a really nice looking theme but I think it needs a lot more white space, especially behind the main forum text.

  • Leland

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

  • EmmaB

    bbPress themes would be very beneficial for all! It would be even better if someone (whipers “themelab?”) could port existing wp themes to bbpress

  • jenny

    that would be rad. esp. somthing tabbed in black. it would be awesome to have the capability to link back to blog.

  • Design Möbel

    Thats great, I was looking for that theme for bbpress almost everywhere. Is it available so far? Would be great if someone could post where to download that theme. Great, keep up your work!

  • _working_

    Has this theme been released yet, it’s really nice.

  • Leland

    As of now it hasn’t been publicly released. If anyone wants to “test” it I can probably send you a copy of what I had on that demo link (now dead).