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WordPress DC Presentation – CSS Tricks and Wizardry

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If you’re still not following me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably haven’t heard that I’m speaking at another WordPress DC meetup.

It will be on Tuesday, August 9th at 7 PM located at Fathom Creative‘s office in DC. More details on location, parking, etc. can be found on the meetup page (linked previously).

What I’ll Be Talking About

Similar to my last presentation at WordPress DC, I will be discussing CSS. Unlike last time, however, the CSS tips I’ll be going over aren’t necessarily WordPress-specific, and can apply to nearly any type of site. The official description:

You’ll learn some useful and practical CSS tips and tricks. These could include tips on speeding up development time, general optimizations, and other cool things. Also, these aren’t necessarily limited to WordPress, but could apply to nearly any HTML/CSS based site. Beginner to intermediate CSS knowledge would be nice but not absolutely required.


These are in the same format as my previous slides (but less crammed so it’s easier to see on the TV).

Theme Lab T-Shirts

This will be the premiere of the limited edition Theme Lab t-shirts! Okay, they’re not really limited editions, I can print more if needed. I’ll be bringing various shirts in S/M/L sizes. A picture of them is below.

I’ll figure out some way to give them away at the meetup.

Andy Stratton’s Presentation

Also speaking at the same WordPress DC meetup is Andy Stratton, who I got to know pretty well at WordCamp Raleigh earlier this year. I saw his presentation there called Diet Pills, SEO and Theme Frameworks, which he’ll also be presenting here. Trust me, it’s one you won’t want to miss.


Looking at the meetup page, it looks like spots are filling up pretty quickly. If you want in, you should RVSP ASAP.


Leland Fiegel was the original founder of ThemeLab. He is a web developer who loves WordPress and blogging.

  • Stijn

    Hi Leland. Just went through your presentation slides. A lot of useful entry level stuff. I just had expected some more ‘magical’ than CSS shorthand. ;) Any chance of doing something on transitions, selectors or content later?

    • Leland

      Thanks for the feedback. For this particular presentation I wanted to focus more on beginner/intermediate stuff so more people could benefit from it.

      I’d definitely like to move on to more advanced topics in the future.

      • Stijn

        Hey Leland. Thanks for not taking my comment in the wrong way. (I doubted some of the words I used after clicking ‘Submit’.) The more people know how to properly use CSS, the better.Hope you had a good time in DC!

  • Don Platon
  • Brian

    Hey Leland, how did you create that slideshow, so that its being controlled by the keyboard?