Comments on: WordPress Clone Themes – Your Take? We build High Quality, Good Looking Premium WordPress Themes that are Easy to Use and ready for just about anything. Tue, 28 Jun 2016 19:01:53 +0000 hourly 1 By: Ant Gray Sun, 06 Jun 2010 22:02:47 +0000 For me it’s ok to copy generic styles (right, you cannot copyright module grid, colour scheme, etc), simple patterns or tricks. But not accetable to carbon copy unique decoration elements.

By: Gabriel Jones Wed, 10 Feb 2010 17:54:47 +0000 TweetPress 2 is available for download.

Its even MORE like Twitter now. Almost pixel perfect. And you can Tweet & Retweet from it too. Yum.

By: Gabriel Jones Thu, 04 Feb 2010 06:14:16 +0000 Good idea, lets just agree to disagree.

Narcissist. ( I wasn’t talking to you — re: Fox Noise )

By: redwall_hp Thu, 04 Feb 2010 05:40:40 +0000 Don’t even suggest that I watch the trash from Fox “News.”

Anyway, I’ve given up arguing with you. Whether Twitter leaves you alone or sends you a takedown notice isn’t really my problem; we’ve given a good advance warning. Good luck with the cognitive dissonance.

By: Gabriel Jones Tue, 02 Feb 2010 18:43:46 +0000 People… seriously. Stop watching Fox Noise, step away from the brainwash. Everything is not a conspiracy and theft. The world does have good people in it.

Twitter PROVIDES me the styling. I’m not stealing anything. I made the theme to look as to Twitter as possible, on purpose! And no I’m not trying to make money off it.

Seriously folks, run to your nearest drug store, go directly to the Pharmacist and ask for a bottle of their best chill pills. Take two a day.

By: Leland Tue, 02 Feb 2010 13:18:11 +0000 Nile, tried to clarify this in the original post with an update, but as far as the background image goes, TweetPress will take whatever background image your have on your Twitter profile.

Whether it’s the default one, or even a custom background image, it will use that.

By: nythemes Tue, 02 Feb 2010 04:56:05 +0000 i disagree and agree on some levels about this topic, i can also see how & why most people react negatively and aren’t receptive of this idea.

i think reverse engineering a clone for wordpress that looks and functions in an almost identical fashion if not exactly identical is an art of itself, and should be applauded. TweetPress great job, give yourself a pad on the back.

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can provide the user experience and layout that millions of users already love. It’s called learning from the best and using that for your users.

TweetPress gives power back to the people, instead of creating tweets and value for twitter, TweetPress makes it possible for people to tweet using their own blog and take ownership of those tweets if they choose to, instead of giving it away to twitter. Don’t you people see the opportunity here? You don’t have to use the same background, this theme makes it easy for bloggers to use their existing custom twitter backgrounds and integrate it, run their tweets on their own blog, either on a separate page or just standalone tweeting using wordpress.

Just because you have a clone doesn’t mean it’s meant to be used to pretend and be the Twitter.

Most cars on the street you see, all look the pretty much the same, they have 4 doors, 4 wheels, 4 lights, 1 steering wheel, just think about it if you took out the logos, i would guess most people would have a hard time recognizing which brand is which, what does that tell you about originality, theft. Being unoriginal is not a crime! or is it?


By: Gabriel Jones Tue, 02 Feb 2010 04:47:53 +0000 “So long as you leave a non-white background in place of the image, it looks just like Twitter.”

That’s the point. Twitter provides me with the background and sidebar styling. Without them, you would have a basic two-column design. Thank you for validating my point.

Anyway, I will take everyone’s valued input into consideration when developing the next iterations.

By: redwall_hp Tue, 02 Feb 2010 04:16:02 +0000 I did already. I loaded your demo page up and used Firebug to change it up. So long as you leave a non-white background in place of the image, it looks just like Twitter.

I think if you added some creative changes to it, nobody would complain about the similarity. Make the wrapper div a bit wider, maybe move some things a little.

By: Nile Tue, 02 Feb 2010 02:50:51 +0000 According to ( ), this would be total outright theft. I have been in the design and blogging community for a LONG time, and this is just big. When you imitate that closely to the original product, you are stealing another person’s hard work. Theft can be images, or even exact coding.

@Gabriel – Even if it were to be similar to Twitter’s setup, you probably should have used a different background. As long as the code is different and even if you uses similar colors, but a different and ORIGINAL background, you might have been passed over and just dubbed a Twitter enthusiast.

This is not something that I would have a cry fit over as I left that hat on the rack years ago. However, as one web designer to another, you have some work to do to change it to not violate copyright.