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WordPress and WordPress MU Merged?

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At the last WordCamp in San Fransisco, apparently Matt Mullenweg announced that the codebase of WordPress and WordPress MU (multi-user) would be “merging.”

What exactly this means, and when exactly it’s going to happen, I’m not sure. WordPress 3.0 is the version number floating around when it’s supposed to be introduced. Again, this is uncertain at the moment.

Andrew over at WP Fun also pointed out that Habari already has this feature built in. I believe Movable Type also has a similar multiple blog features as well.

Personally, I like normal WordPress even though I have multiple WordPress blogs. It just makes sense to keep them separate just in case I ever need to move any. I realize this may not be the most efficient way to run multiple WP blogs, but it’s not that big of a deal to me to keep them maintained.

Although this isn’t likely to take place for a couple more versions, how do you feel about this merger? If anyone has any more information on this, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Update (June 2, 2009): Okay, maybe myself and a bunch of other people are confused on this whole “merger” thing. Lorelle just posted this on the Blog Herald about what Matt may have really meant when he mentioned the “merger.” Maybe it’s not the self-hosted WordPress software that is getting changed, but the actual website that will be integrated into WordPress MU. Again, I think it’s probably best to wait for an “official” clarification from Matt, but thought this would be worth updating the post with.


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