Comments on: WordPress 2.8.6 Released We build High Quality, Good Looking Premium WordPress Themes that are Easy to Use and ready for just about anything. Tue, 28 Jun 2016 19:01:53 +0000 hourly 1 By: Josh Mon, 30 Nov 2009 01:05:18 +0000 @Leland, It either shows they’re on their toes when it comes to security issues or they are quick to roll out changes in new versions without checking fully for security issues. For example, would you say Microsoft is on they’re toes when it comes to security issues when you consider how many Windows Updates they’ve released over the years? No answer necessary. 🙂

Don’t get my wrong, I am not trying to complain. Just some food for thought.

And I do agree that the upgrades are super easy which I appreciate very much.

Thanks for responding to my comment, Leland.

By: Leland Sun, 29 Nov 2009 05:05:57 +0000 @Josh: I tend to agree, but at least it shows they’re on their toes when it comes to security issues.

Also it’s a lot easier now with automatic upgrades, although I tend to backup before I upgrade so it does take quite a bit of time.

I think it’s always worth it though to backup just in case there are any complications during the upgrade process (even though there usually aren’t any).

By: Josh Sun, 29 Nov 2009 04:38:05 +0000 I absolutely love WordPress but my only complaint is how often they come out with newer versions. When you have 16 blogs to upgrade, it can be rather time consuming and monotonous. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons.