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UrbanArtist – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have another great design from Styleshout, ported into WordPress by me. This is just a standard blog layout, reminiscent of a previous Styleshout theme, Colourise.

This theme has a completely widgetized sidebar including search bar and a styled calendar, as well as tag support and comment Gravatar support (WordPress 2.5+ only).

UrbanArtist screenshot
Live Demo | Download

  • David Hobson

    Nice looking theme thanks.

  • Anto

    Another one from Styleshout. He does good work.

    Nice port btw :) Hope to see more.

  • thomas

    nice dark theme. I really do prefer dark themes, don’t know why….lol Nice job. Keep up the good work amigo ;o)


      Ah, I prefer dark theme too :D But most of people like bright theme.

  • Toxane

    Great port. I really like what you create. Well done!



    Hi Leland,

    Again, I converted your WordPress Theme to Blogger Template :)

    Waiting for your next release!

  • Leland

    Glad you all like it!

    And thanks to for porting it to Blogger.

  • #FN$#

    I really love this theme and for this reason I am using this right now at a blog I manage that I write to with some friends of mine.

    The thing is that I hacked it a little bit. Basically I “translated” into Greek (yep!) and secondly, I created a totally new footer, also widgetized!

    Come and see!

    I need to know if you like it!

  • Leland

    @#FN$#: Footer looks great! Thanks for letting me know.

  • #FN$#

    Really? Oh,thank you!! I’m glad you like it!…

  • Timothy West

    This theme is awesome and i am now using it but i also like the colourise… so what i did was take a mixture of the two.. mainly using my own header graphic/and the colorise one.. and the urban layout..

    Please check it out and leave a comment on my blog.. (made a whole post of the update.. would be good to hear peoples thoughts??)

  • RandomRage

    I was on the fence between this one and colourise. I liked the color scheme of colourise but preferred the layout and other style options of UrbanArtist. I ended up modifying the color scheme of UA to (kind of) match colourise. Also made my own backdrop and tweaks here and there to the code.

    I do have a problem, though. The header picture (bg2.jpg) only seems to render properly in Opera, in other browsers it doesn’t cut off at the proper point and just bleeds under the text. I checked your demo server, this is a problem with the base theme, not any modifications I’ve made. I’m a css noob, so if anyone can figure out what the offending or missing code is to make the theme display properly in IE and other browsers, I’d appreciate it.

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  • lhoylhoy

    your comment form doesn’t align