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Transmission – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have a very special release of a feature packed, high-quality WordPress theme. You may remember over a month ago I coded and released the Simply AIO theme, originally designed by Nuvio Templates. In the comments someone expressed interest in coding their Transmission template as well. After some collaboration with Nuvio, it’s finally ready. You can see the live demo here. Download it here. Screenshot is below.

Transmission Screenshot

Now let’s get onto the features…

Flickr Photostream

This theme is compatible with the flickrRSS plugin. Simply install this plugin, fill out your Flickr id and how many images you want displayed, and you have the photostream visible on your homepage. It’s ideal with 5 images displayed using the thumbnails.

flickrRSS Options

Don’t use Flickr? No problem, just don’t install the plugin and you won’t see anything.

Featured Homepage Image

Like the Monochrome theme, this theme uses custom fields you can use to add an optional image to your latest blog post. Simply upload the image you want to your topstory-images directory and add a custom field with topstory_image as the key, and the name of the image as the value, like this:

Transmission Top Story Image Instructions

Homepage Post Display Control

Similar to the Imagination theme, you can control how many posts are displayed on the homepage through an options page within your WordPress administration panel. It looks like this:

Transmission Options

As you can see, you can control how many pages are displayed on the left side, and how many on the right.


The Transmission theme has a fully widgetized sidebar. This includes the search box, as well as the Feeds section, so you have complete control over the sidebar.

Transmission Widgets

8 Different Styles

I guess we saved the best for last? This free download comes with 8 different styles to choose from. Don’t have a favorite color? Just use the AIO (all-in-one) version to have a dynamic style switcher on your site where visitors can choose their preferred style. You can see the live demo of the AIO version in action here.

Transmission AIO

That’s about it. Feel free to comment if you like the theme. I have to ask all support related questions be asked in the Transmission support forum where I’ll try to personally answer all support questions. Enjoy!

Note: This theme is also available on the WordPress Themes page at where you can download specific color styles separately if you wish.

Another Note: Don’t try to install the download available here at Theme Lab with OneClick or any other automated theme installer, because it’s not going to work with all the separate color styles included in the package.

  • Jasko

    A great theme, thanks for sharing useful tips

    • jonnes

      Excellent Theme! But one problem is there. Plugins for any Flash Galleries doesn’t work with this Theme ((( I’ve checked other Themes on the same hosting, with the same version of WordPress. Everything works fine. Only Theme Transmission doesn’t work with any Flash Galleries Plugins. This was done intentionally, or is it a bug in the code?

  • Joe

    Just a quick note – downloads not working for this theme.

  • Leland

    @Joe: Can you elaborate? What happens when you try to download the theme? You could try this link too:

    Both are the same file.

  • Joe

    Using free download mgr with FF: connects but no download.

  • Leland

    I see, thanks for alerting me to this. I use FDM as well and you’re right, it doesn’t work with that enabled. This must be due to the Download Manager plugin used on here to track the downloads. Could you temporarily disable FlashGot and download it normally?

  • Joe

    OK – got it. For some reason the free download manager doesn’t like this site. Turned it off and it worked fine.

  • Leland

    Okay, that’s what I thought the problem was. Glad you got it working.

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  • Fabino

    Great great theme! Thanks for the job!

    It also works perfectly in 2.5 RC1:

  • Leland

    @Fabino: Looks great! I think there’s something wrong with the subpages though. The sidebar doesn’t seem to display properly on the right.

  • Fabino

    Yes ;-(

  • Fabino

    Problem here: link

    There is the theme in 2.5 RC1 with the same problem:

  • Leland

    Not sure why the problem would be on 2.5 RC1 only but I’ll look into this.

  • Leland

    Okay, I was able to reproduce the problem on posts/pages that required a user to be logged in to comment. Basically I just forgot a closing div. The updated comments.php file can be downloaded here.

    I’m really not sure what to tell you on the category archives, but there must be some extra div tag somewhere in the post content. I don’t think this is a problem with the theme, considering other archive pages on your site seem to display fine.

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  • Fabino

    Thanks! I will try to remove one or two posts to solve the problem.

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  • Diego

    Great theme! I made some changes to use it on my blog:

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  • De Maulana

    day by day more progresive design theme, supported to you. Success
    Thank u

  • Pangeran Wiguan

    This is a great and futuristic theme…
    I really like it…

    It passed the CSS W3C validator.
    But it not xhtml transitional 1.0 as it have errors.
    Using comments smiley toolbar with it and cannot insert the smiley inside it…
    Using the threaded comments plugin, but the comments is not threaded as it suppose to…

  • Gopal Nair

    Hello Leland,

    I really like your theme.

    I have a few question and I hope you can help me out.

    1. How do I enable posters to insert images on their comments?
    2. How do insert the ‘Subscribe to comments via email’ code?
    3. How to insert ‘reply to this comment’ code?

    I truly appreciate your help on this matter…

    • Leland

      1. You mean Gravatars? I go over that in this post.

      2. That’s a plugin called “Subscribe to Comments”

      3. That’s a plugin called “Brian’s Threaded Comments”

      Hope this helps.

  • Jeremiah

    I need some help to identify this error.

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/mymoogoe/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp-transmission-01/functions.php:19) in /home/mymoogoe/public_html/wp-includes/classes.php on line 788

    Happens every time I write a new post


  • Leland

    @Jeremiah: I’m aware of this issue. This is a problem with the functions.php file and space between the <? ?>, specifically on lines 17 and 51. I’ll correct this issue soon as it seems to be a pretty annoying bug.

  • Jim

    Great theme! COuple of questions:
    1) what are the dimensions of the image box that you can insert in the post as you mention above?
    2) how do we edit the About Me text info and the “my space” verbiage? tks

  • Jim

    One more question – how can you change the social bookmarks icons to go across the page, rather than a tall column up and down? thank you

  • Jim

    One more ? – how can I insert an image into the box in the About section…is it to be a specific size as well? tks

  • Jim

    in order to show the full post rather than a summary on the main page, you suggested in the forum to made an adjustment to that specific post…can you provide details? You said that was preferable to editing the home.php (I couldn’t find the term you referred to in the coding for home anyway…the word excerpt..) tks

  • Diego

    Hi again,
    I have to change my template.
    But I’m still saying that Transmission AIO is cool!

    • Leland

      @Diego: Well, thanks for letting me know! Any reason you decided to change? Or just wanted a new look? Thanks for stopping by.

  • Leland

    @Jim: To get the image you can right click -> properties to find the dimensions.

    You can edit the about text in the sidebar file.

    About the social bookmarking icons, it seems you got that sorted?

    On home.php, replace the_excerpt with the_content to get the full post.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • BeyondSecret

      Leland, I cannot find the phrase “the_excerpt” anywhere in the home.php file…..tks

    • BeyondSecret

      oops i found it, tks

  • BeyondSecret

    what is the code to insert image into the About Me box? i must be missing somethng, tks

  • Freelocale

    People should be sharing more free things like this. Its what keeps the Internet buzzin’.

  • Jim

    how can we insert an image into the about me box? it shows the code as a gif file, but when i insert the link to my image there I get a red x

  • Rudi

    Great thame, I use it at my site

    One thing I wanna know, why the related post plugin doesn’t work with this thame?


  • BeyondSecret

    hey leland, I still can’t get the image inserted in the about me box…can you help? tks

  • Jim

    Sorry to be a bother, but Im going to have to change to a different theme if I can’t figure out how to get my image in the about me box. Love the theme, but need some help. tks

  • Leland

    @Jim: Did you look in the sidebar.php file for the about me box? The code is there. I already said this above.

  • BeyondSecret

    yes I found the About Me box in sidebar.php – and I know the location of my image, but what is the actual script I need to type into the sidebar.php file? tks

  • Hari

    Similar issues faced by Jeremiah
    Problem occurs when i write a new post, view RSS feeds and comments
    The error as follows:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/v/i/n/vings123/html/ in /home/content/v/i/n/vings123/html/ on line 8 Just another WordPress weblog Wed, 27 Aug 2008 20:51:13 +0000 en

    Also the template is xhtml invalid..!!! Pls help me correcting this

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  • lisa

    was the warning: cannot modify header info… issue ever fixed? seems to have crashed my whole site. too bad, cause the theme looks great. any advice?

  • Nabeel

    Hi. I really appreciate this template, this template will increase my website’s look.
    Keep it up.


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  • jeppe

    Hi.. When I add an image on a page it’s allways left aligned. Eventhough I made it right aligned in the editor? Is it a mistake? and can you please help me.. Btw it’s a very nice template :D

  • CoolWeb

    Is it right that this theme can’t use the NextGEN Gallery plugin? I want use the template for the gallery.. It just list the images under eachother

    • jonnes

      1. Open footer.php and header.php from Transmisson Theme with any valid PHP Editor (for example: Notepad 2) or with buid-in WordPress editor
      2. Insert string: to any place of header.php
      3. Insert string: to any place of footer.php
      4. … WELL DONE !!!

  • Liz Staley

    Would love to try out this theme, but trying to install it and I’m getting an error.

    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet
    Theme install failed.