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Tomodachi – Free WordPress Theme

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This is a very nice looking magazine theme, originally designed by Rambling Soul, called Tomodachi. On the homepage, there are areas for the latest post and an author’s box – where images can be used through custom fields. There are two sidebars, both of which are widget-ready. Native Gravatar (WordPress 2.5+ only) and tagging support is also present within the theme.

Tomodachi Theme Screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now on to the features in greater detail…

Latest Post Image

On the homepage, you’ll see the latest post displayed at the top, as you see on the demo. This will display an excerpt of the post. If you specify an optional excerpt, it will be displayed instead. To enable the custom thumbnail image, you’ll need to use featured_image key with the image name as the value. The image should be stored in the /featured-images/ directory within the theme.

Tomodachi Featured Image

About Thumbnail Image

The about box content is pulled from your “About” page. These are created automatically with WordPress, so it should look fine on a fresh installation. To have custom image, use the about_image key with the image name as the value. The image should be stored in the /images/ folder of the theme directory. This box is only displayed on the homepage.

Tomodachi About Image

Like I said, this theme should work fine out of the box. No plugins required. However if you do need assistance, feel free to leave a message in the support forums or via comment.

  • Stijn

    18px blockquote is a little overkill.

  • WordPress Modder

    Oh, how I wish I had the time to get working on my sites;) You must be a master of time management! Another great design porting!

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  • Sjoli

    How to display your latest post just like the other posts?

    • Leland

      @Sjoli: So basically, you don’t want the featured post box anymore? To do this, open up index.php and delete everything between:

      <?php if (is_home()) { ?>


      <?php } ?>

      • Sjoli

        Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!!!

  • pete

    How can I nominate a specific post excerpt to replace the latest post in the top box?

  • pete

    Also in addition to the above, how do I have a specific page/post underneath the box?


    post x (in the box)

    page 2 (underneath on the home page)

  • Leland

    @pete: You could probably use a plugin such as WP Sticky to “stick” the post you want at the top. There’s also a more advanced way to do this with WP Query, but I’d try that plugin first.

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  • Renaud

    Hi all

    How i can i do for articles on sidebar ?
    there are on 2 lines ->

    Thanks a lot

    (sorry for my english, i’m french)

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  • MommyBrain

    I absolutely LOVE your theme… but I am having trouble with it, and the widgets… I’ve tried other themes and the issue is going away with those themes… I have a script widget that’s making a huge box rather than the small size it’s supposed to be.. is this something you can help me with??? Thanks so much in advance…

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  • Leland

    @MommyBrain: Are you talking about the Entrecard? I’ve honestly not seen anything like that before. Is that supposed to be the 125×125 box?

    • MommyBrain


      Yes.. it is the Entrecard.. it is supposed to be 125×125 ish.. i think the height is just a bit larger like 178px or something.. but like i said.. it works fine on MommyMoments.. but not on MommyBrainReports… Maybe i can quick try another theme you did and see if it does the same? I’m baffled!LOL

      • Leland

        Okay, I was baffled too for a while…but I figured it out. Open up your default.css file and locate the following piece of code.

        iframe {
        border:2px solid #F1EEE9;
        width: 230px;
        height: 400px;

        And remove it. I’m not sure why this code was present in the original template, but I don’t think it’s used in the WordPress theme. Entrecard uses iframes which is why this bit of CSS was causing the Entrecard to change dimensions.

        • MommyBrain

          @ Leland
          OH YOU ROCK!! Thank you so much!!!! It looks much better now.. You are awesome!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! Now i don’t have to change themes.. i love this one so much!!! Thank you!!!

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  • blognetwork indonesia

    thanks for the great template. appreciate.

  • Amy

    Just wanted to share how I’ve tweaked this amazing theme:

    I’m having problems with the sidebars though…I just don’t like how things are looking over there. I don’t know why, but my list bullet isn’t showing up and things are kind of overlapping…any suggestions?

    Also, I’d be happy to bounce off any other ideas for this incredible theme!

    • Leland

      Thanks Amy. Could you be more specific on what CSS changes you’d like to see? You may just have to use some padding on the list items. By the way, really like what you’ve done with the theme – looks great!

      • Amy

        Leland, thanks goes to YOU for providing the original template. It’s definitely fun to tweak. :)

        Basically, what I’d like is for the pre-set widgets for Recent Posts, Categories, Archives to show a bullet. I can’t for the life of me get a list bullet to appear! Without the bullet, the test just looks all bunched together.

        I’ll forever be tweaking…that’s my m.o. :)

        • Leland

          I’ve been looking at the CSS and I’m not sure what is causing the list item bullets to not show up. It must be some instance of list-style:none; but I can’t figure out where.

        • Amy

          Yeah, I think it must be too. I’m going to keep searching for it and I’ll definitely post here if I figure it out. I’ve pretty much resorted to just doing text widgets and making my own sidebar header graphics at this point. I’m happy with that though.

          The other thing…I’m trying to figure out where to get rid of the underline on all of my links. I swear, I’ve entered the text-decoration:none; code everywhere. Any thoughts/suggestions?

        • Leland

          For that open up default.css and find the following:

          a {

          And add a text-decoration:none; to that.

        • Amy

          Rock. Worked like a charm. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions soon. :)

          I will highly recommend you and your themes…it’s excellent that you’re actively helping people tweak. :)

  • Nightmare

    Nice theme ) Thanks from Russia

  • Luis

    My request may not be possible to do but here it is. I want the recent articles area to display “…” after so many words. The idea is to make it pretty when post titles are too long. Did I explained myself?

    Great job, thank you so much for this theme and for your help.


  • WordPress Modder


    I don’t have this theme installed, but you should be able to hack the Recent Posts area to include “the_excerpt” template tag.

    See here to learn more…

    Leland may be able to speak to this better though;)

  • Luis

    Thanks WordPress Modder, but what I’m talking about is the column that has the recent articles, they overlap each other because of length and I would like to shorter them. Like I said maybe this isn’t possible though.

  • WordPress Modder


    I just had a look at your site, and the Recent Articles column looks OK to me. Did you get it fixed? If you’re still seeing this, what browser are you using? I’m on Firefox 2.0

  • Luis

    Sorry, got frustrated and change the theme already.

  • Leland

    Thanks for helping Adam.

    @Luis: Sorry the theme didn’t work out for you.

  • abct

    Thanks for this beautiful theme. But the only problem I came across is the sidebar bottom image is broken in explorer 6 when the left side of the theme,content area, is longer than the sidebar. I mean long post etc. if you can fix this I’ll be appreciate you. I use internet explorer conditional comments to fix theme completely for ie6. I added a few css code to fix sidebar images alignment. But I can’t fix the issue I said above. Please can you help me.

    • Francis

      I am having the same problem (and my site is password protected… so I can’t share it publicly.)

      Is there a solution?

  • WTJ

    this is frustrating, all the javascript (including adsense) i put in this template changed its shape.

    • Leland

      Open up default.css and remove the following:

      iframe {
      border:2px solid #F1EEE9;
      width: 230px;
      height: 400px;

      This is because Adsense and other widgets use iframes.

  • Orca239

    Hey, great theme! I was wondering if someone could tell me how to do something with it. I installed the AWSOM News Announcement plugin to use instead of the featured post thing, and I want the plugin to use the spot the featured post uses, and display the most recent post as a normal one. I’ve messed with the theme’s index.php a bit, but i’ve only accomplished a big error and a complete loss of anything in that box. Oh, and the plugin seems to automatically to use that box, I just need to get the first post out of it. Thanks!

  • Orca239

    Nevermind, I figured out something, sorry and thanks! ^_^;;

  • K.Rae

    I love this theme!

    Two questions:
    I don’t like the little icon that lies to the left of every post title. How do I get rid of this and get the post title to be flush against the left side of the page?

    My “About” box on the home page isn’t working because I didn’t use the “About” page provided by WordPress. How do I get the box to work from the “Who I Am” page I created?

    I’ll apologize in advance if the fixes are super obvious. I’m completely new to CSS and feel like a chicken with her head cut off right now!

  • jane

    can help us with the sidebar problems pls? its a little bit overlapping

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  • MommyBrain

    Howdy! I’m still totally loving this theme… I hope you don’t mind I’m bugging you again… I was wondering if there was any way to shorten the About box on the front page.. like to limit how tall it gets regardless of how much you type in there… adding a little “more…” link to the bottom so they can click and just go to the about page…

    I’m code dumb… I understand if you don’t have time… and would appreciate any help you could give!! Thank you so much in advance!!!


  • Leland

    @MommyBrain: You should be able to just add a <!– more –> to your about page in your WordPress admin, and it should get cut off.

    • MommyBrain

      Leland… Sorry for taking so long… I just now got a chance to try this.. and no.. it didn’t work :(

      • MommyBrain

        I spoke too soon… I had to mess with some other code in there… remove something that was at the end of that page… but it works now! Thanks so much!!!

  • Brian Morris

    check out my modded version of your great theme at my site

    Few things left to do yet, biggest one would be to remove the posts underneath the 3 featured posts I put on the front page. I have played with the code but can’t get it to take off the bottom posts without effecting the whole site (under settings in the admin area). Any help on that aspect would be appreciated!

  • Jeremy

    Love the theme! I am having one issue… how do I fix my side menu overlapping issues? It is especially bad in Firefox.


  • kopdang

    Yes. I like it.
    Thank you.

  • Kathy M

    Lovely theme – thank you for all your hard work!

    Like several others who have posted here, I’m having trouble with the widgets in the sidebars overlapping. They seem to work ok in IE, but are really a problem in Firefox 2.

    It’s probably only a matter of adding padding or something equally as obvious. However, I’m relatively new to CSS & PHP. I’m used to everything being all on the same page in my HTML pages.

    Can anyone guide me to the correct stylesheet and/or code so I can try to tweak this and get it working?

    Thanks for your time. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!


    • Kathy M

      Hello all. I think I’ve discovered the solution to our “overlapping” problem with the sidebars in Firefox.

      I went into the Default.CSS and found all instances of lines beginning with:

      .sb1 ul li

      I then changed the “height” to “auto” in the 3 lines where height occurs. This seems to have taken care of the problem. I cannot see any adverse effects on anything else in either Firefox or IE views of the page.

      Please be sure to save your Default.CSS to another name before trying this tweak, though, so you can revert to the original version if my “fix” does not work for you.

      I’m a newbie with CSS, so I’m hoping I didn’t break something else while fixing this. :-(

      Hope this helps.


  • Mike

    I’m having problems with the search button in IE7. It is there and it works, but it is just a white square and doesn’t say “Go”. It shows up fine in Firefox.

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  • esmond

    hi, thanks for the theme.

    How do i get did of the “blogname” and “logo.png” at the blue top right corner?

    also, if i replace the “headerbg.png” and “headerbg.jpg” in the image folder the background should change accordingly right?

    thank you.

  • Miss D

    I love this template – its exactly what Im looking for. just cant figure out how to add a graphic above the home and about us nav bar. I graphic there would really finish off my site as I dont use a lot of pages.

    Any help?

  • Chris

    Hey thanks for putting together a SWEET THEME!
    It made the front page of my theme site!

    Themes That Don’t Suck!


    greattt theme… i like it

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  • Kelvin

    Hey, thanks for making this. I’m liking this theme. I’m liking it a lot, Lot, LOT!

  • Beverly

    This is the best theme I’ve seen and Im currently using it because it’s so fabulous, however, I’m new to css and php and I have no idea how to change some things and seem to be having a terrible time with the “about” image and space. I was wondering if someone could tell me how to add a “read more” link to the about section because when you begin to write the page, it expands into a fairly long section on the side bar. Does anyone know how to shorten it or keep it from linking to the about page?

  • Beverly

    Nevermind, I quickly figured out how to add the link by using the quick tag under html in the wordpress admin. Much easy then I thought!

  • Toby

    I am helping a friend build his site using this theme and can figure out how to make a custom nav at the top. I just want a home, about, contact and blog page.

    Right now it is listing ever page that has been created and clutter up the pages.

    Also, is there a way to displace the lastest post on a static homepage versus on the blog page?

    I love the them btw…its is so clean.

  • Toby

    “Also, is there a way to displace the lastest post on a static homepage versus on the blog page?” that is some bad english…my bad.

    Is there a way to place the “latest blog” post on the homepage when using a static homepage and remove it from the blog page?

    Thanks for any assistance :)

  • Digitalmail

    I was searching for some good Wp themes and saw your post . You have collected nice themes . I have also collected few ones and hope you will like them too . Free WordPress Magazine Themes

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  • Dennis Grubbs

    I am wanting to create a page based setup for the tomodachi theme. In doing that once it moves down to row number 2 on the vtabs… it mixes with the featured post. While that is fine with me having that featured post, I need to know where in the CSS files I need modify the margin to move that featured post box down so it doesn’t get jumbled up with the vtab menu.

    Just let me know.

    Thanks. — Dennis Grubbs — JJP Marketing

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  • MommyBrain

    Hi Leland..
    I’m baaack.. LOL
    I have a question for you about my sidebars. In Safari (what i normally use) the links in my sidebars go to double line (text wrap) and looks messy. In Firefox, they are all in one line.. very clean. Do you know why that would be? I’d love any advice if you have any!!!

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Grobbulus

    Nice theme. Thanks. Easy updatable.

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