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Theme Lab Now Running WordPress 2.6

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Minus one minor problem with an outdated WP-DownloadManager plugin, upgrading to WordPress 2.6 was relatively painless. The aforementioned plugin, which I use for managing the theme downloads here at Theme Lab, was updated by the author – correcting the bug. Here are a couple articles with tips on upgrading your own WordPress install:

You should always be taking regular backups of all your sites, especially in preparation for something like a software upgrade.

I’d like to know how your WordPress upgrade went. Any issues?

  • John Tyra

    ::grin:: It’s good to hear that your upgrade was painless…mine was quite the opposite. I ended up wiping the current config and performing a clean install, and then migrating the posts and links db afterward. The major issue, I found out after the hassle, was a theme (which I love) called Freshy 2 and the customize plug-in which are very much not compatible with 2.6 as of 7/16/08. But, after the clean install, all was well, minus the crappy theme I’m dealing with now. Hopefully I’ll find some nice ones here. =)

  • jazzian

    i need some cool wordpress themes, i am new to wordpress and trying to learn about it as much as possible, wish me luck :-)