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Theme Battle #2 – Bravissimo vs. Photabulous

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After the success of our first theme battle, regular Theme Lab commentator and designer Keith decided to volunteer a couple great PSD designs to our next one. The two screenshots are below. Simply vote for the one you’d rather see coded into a fully functional WordPress theme.





Read on to vote. You’ll need to vote on the actual site, so leave your RSS readers for a second.

[polldaddy poll=1860392]

The poll is set to close next Monday at midnight, so be sure to get your vote in before then.


Bravissimo is designed to be a pretty normal blog theme, with space for breadcrumb navigation at the top. Except maybe the logo, it could be coded as an almost pure CSS theme, so editing things like colors would be very easy.

Photabulous, as the name would suggest, is supposed to be a photoblog theme, with room for a featured photo. I haven’t released any photo/gallery themes on Theme Lab before, so if it won, it would be the first of its kind here. The closest thing to a gallery theme here would probably be the MintSwirl theme.

You’ll notice the Photabulous screenshot has the title “PhotoPress” in it. Upon searching I found a number of other WordPress products also named PhotoPress, so I thought it would be best to change it to something else. Thanks to Ben Cook of WPblogger for suggesting the name to me on Twitter. I thought it was pretty catchy.

Thanks once again to Keith for the designs. I would like to get some different designers facing off against each other as well, so if you’re a designer, please make sure to check the theme battles page for more info on submitting your PSD designs to participate in a theme battle here.

  • Calítoe.:.

    This is a tough one. :P I find it hard to choose only one. Actually, I would like to see Bravissimo as an elastic layout: easily adaptable to several screen resolutions.

    Thanks Keith, thanks Leland. :D

  • Leland

    @Calitoe: An elastic layout would definitely be doable with the coded Bravissimo theme. Thanks for the comment.

  • Keith

    Thanks, Cailtoe for the nice comments :)

    Looks like the poll is going to be closer than I thought!

  • Cheap Sites

    I agree with Calitoe, it’s a hard choice. But I think Photabulous wins this one.

  • Keith

    I made some minor changes to the themes (nothing worth changing the images for), but some suggestions/feedback for the 2 themes up there would be great :)

  • cuteegirlee

    Any chance in us nominating designs WE like and getting a poll on which one for you to theme?

    • Leland

      Sure, why not? Have any designs in mind?

  • Anto

    Im not even gonna vote :P

    I “would” vote for Bravissimo – just needs cleaned up a little.

  • Dzinepress

    really nice stuff.

  • Bloggable Matter

    I voted for the former – Bravissimo – and I urge anyone who agrees to get their votes in too (-;

    By the way, Theme Battles is a brilliant idea.

  • Leland

    @Bloggable Matter: Thanks! I have to admit the idea was inspired by the Theme Wars site though.

    This battle is actually turning out closer than I thought, although Bravissimo still needs some more votes to catch up.

  • Bloggable Matter

    @Leland: They are both great designs though. I’m just a bit more of a text-junkie than a photo-fiend! Thanks for the themewars link. I do think the battle format is a bit better over here, but still a cool site and great idea.