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Theme Battle #1 – Slick Red vs. Green Shade

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Theme Battles are a first here at Theme Lab. Below are screenshots of two uncoded designs, both created by Anto. It’s pretty simple, vote for the theme you’d rather see coded into a WordPress theme. Next week, I’ll tally up the votes and start coding the winning theme.

Slick Red

Slick Red

Green Shade

Green Shade

Read on to vote, and get more information on this new event at Theme Lab…

[polldaddy poll=1811107]

The poll is set to close next Monday at midnight, so be sure to get your vote in before then.


I know I haven’t been updating much lately, as I’ve been pretty busy doing freelance work as well as trying to get a couple new projects launched. I have a pretty big backlog of uncoded themes planned for release here at Theme Lab, and thought a regular “theme battle” would be an fun and interesting way to cut down on some of that work.

I’ll admit this idea is inspired by the new Theme Wars site. Unlike Theme Wars, however, the vote here actually means something. These themes are aren’t already coded, and only the winning theme will be coded and released as a WordPress theme. That, and the themes will be completely free.

Remember, check out the theme battles page for more information on this, including info on how to get your design featured in a battle here.

I’d be very interested to hear your feedback on this. How do you like this idea? What do you think of the themes up this week? Let me know which theme you voted for and why in the comments.

  • Andrea_R

    Love the idea! While normally green themes are high up on my list, this particular shade of green isn’t doing anything for me. I love red too, though. :D

  • Leland

    @Andrea: Thanks, although I can’t really take much credit for the idea, as like I said in the post, takes much inspiration from the original Theme Wars concept.

    About the shade of green – hopefully it wouldn’t be too hard to change the color to a nicer shade via CSS with a solid background, or even a change in the gradient image which will repeat horizontally.

    If it wins and I port it to WP, there may even be some alternate color choices anyway. Unfortunately by the looks of things so far, doesn’t look like Green Shade is going to make it. :(

  • Keith

    I like green shade more ;)

  • Leland

    @Keith: Yep, I think Green Shade will be more popular among people who like to edit things via CSS.

    Since I would probably code it with very few images, all the other colors would be handled through CSS styling.

  • Anto

    There will be color schemes for both themes, what ever colors you guys decide on.

    Hopefully we get more votes.

    Just to state, these themes or green shade preferably would look better with more content etc.. i just didnt get round to it, so try to picture the theme with more content etc :)

    Get voting and tell your friends.

  • senlin

    I voted “Green Shade”, because there are already plenty of themes around with red and grey/black. It would bee nice to have something around in green as I believe that it indeed will look quite nice with more content.
    By the looks of it, it’s not gonna make it though…pity

    • Anto

      Senlin, this theme wont just be red and black. There will be different color schemes of it, blue, purple, green, pink even ;) all depends on what the people want and if they can take the time out to name a color. :P

  • Leland

    @senlin: Thanks for voting. Yep, I’m sure it would look very nice with more content.

    Remember, these themes are going to be coded in WordPress, so they’ll have as much content as you want there to be. The sidebars will be widgetized as well, so those will be easy to add to as well.

  • Jeffro

    Slick Red FTW! The green is too bright for my liking.

    • Anto

      Thanks. A it looks as if Slick Red will win :P

  • Andrea_R

    Suggestions for slick red color schemes:
    - blue
    - green :D
    - brown

    • Anto

      Thank you so much ill get to work on them color schemes asap :)

  • Leland

    Okay, the poll is now closed. The final results…

    Slick Red: 58
    Green Shade: 13

    Thanks for the votes and comments everyone! Slick Red is in the process of being coded now, should hopefully be released in a few days.