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Thematic WordPress Theme Review

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I came across the Thematic theme about a week ago and decided to do a quick video review on it. It is described as a WordPress theme framework. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Options for multi-author blogs
  • Several widgetized areas
  • Quick link to the admin panel for logged in users

And here’s the video…

Overall I’d say Thematic is a great quality theme that’s relatively easy to use for beginners. The separate widgetized areas for different sections of the theme are also a plus, giving the theme user lots of customization options right out of the box.

  • ArtHack

    Only theme of the video, no theme preview Mody ?

  • Leland

    @ArtHack: Sorry for the confusion, but this theme isn’t available at Theme Lab. You can check out the demo at the Thematic homepage.

  • Alexis Grant

    Thanks — Found this helpful! Trying to figure out how to add a custom header as I move my blog from WordPress.COM to WordPress.ORG using this theme.

  • Leland

    @Alexis Grant: Cool, glad you found it helpful.

    Took a quick look at your site and saw you were using frames to two different blogs on the “Africa Blog” and “Writing Blog.”

    Are you planning on combining both of these into your main site using self-hosted WordPress?