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  • jotrys

    Wow! Judging by your two tweets you made about htis, you converted the CSS/HTML in about an hour and a half. Color me impressed!

    • Anto

      Way less than one hour :P But yea, this theme is clean and simple.

  • Cosmin Negoita

    Hehehe, I was almost done converting this while I saw a retweet that Themelab has ported it. You’ve been faster with 1 hour :D Good job!

  • Leland

    Yeah when it’s already well coded in XHTML/CSS (like this one), I can do blog themes pretty fast.

    I believe I finished this one in less than an hour since I didn’t have to do any advanced features, although I wasn’t timing it.

  • Cosmin Negoita

    Well, that’s what i think too. When you have to do the design too, it takes days.

  • Marcial

    As always, awesome. :)

  • Keith

    Well you’re not going to get lost in this theme :)

  • Andrei Daniel Arim

    This is a good theme, I want to use it for my blog, but I don’t like the orange text. Can it be modified to black or grey?

  • sean mitchell

    Beautiful theme but I have been unable to upload it after download — WP message says “incompatible archive”. Did something change?

  • Maciej

    You should add this code to css style:

    “img { max-width:100%; height:auto; }”

    It will fix problebms with images in posts when are to big.

    • Leland

      True, but it’ll also make images that are supposed to be small the max width of the parent container.

      Might be something to apply only to full-sized WordPress image attachments.