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The All In One SEO Pack Killer Has Arrived

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It was only a matter of time before a superior WordPress SEO plugin came along to dethrone the extremely popular All In One SEO Pack. After a change of ownership, questions arose as to whether the new owner would keep it up to date with the latest SEO trends. Others would be happy as long as it would remain compatible with future WordPress versions.

A few days ago, a new plugin was released known as Platinum SEO Pack. This appears to be a “fork” of the All In One SEO pack. It claims to do everything All In One SEO does, and more. Here are a few new features in this plugin:

  • Ability to add index, noindex, follow or nofollow, noodp, noydir meta tags to any post or page
  • Automatic 301 redirect if you change your permalink structure
  • Choose to block indexing (using noindex tag) on RSS feed pages
  • Nofollow external links on front page
  • Nofollow links to archive/category/tag pages

Some of this stuff might be considered “SEO overkill” although all of these are options in the backend.

I was using it myself (on another site) earlier today and didn’t find any problems or bugs. You can get the plugin yourself here.

What do you think? Has All In One SEO Pack been trumped in favor of Platinum SEO? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Leland Fiegel was the original founder of ThemeLab. He is a web developer who loves WordPress and blogging.

  • Rajesh

    I came here on seeing the trackback. Thanks for reviewing Platinum SEO plugin.If you like it, you can add it as part of your themes.


  • Leland

    No problem, Rajesh. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Tyler @ Building Camelot

    I just installed this the other day and everything seems to work just fine. I mainly wanted it because I might redo my permalink structure and this will be a huge help. Great plug-in for me! Highly recommended.

  • Leland

    @Tyler: Yes, the automatic 301 redirect intrigued me as well. Since you don’t want to lose all the SEO value of your previous URLs, the 301 takes care of that.

  • IndieLab

    Hmmmm…I’m notorious for not being an early adopter, so I’ll stick with All in One SEO for now;)

  • chunaove

    I can’t wait to try it on. thank you!

  • Will

    Hi Leland!
    Please share your copy of Platinum SEO Pack because I can not download on It was 404 Page Not Found.

  • Dave Miers

    thanks for this

  • james @ seo pro

    Hi Leland,

    This is my first visit and I wanted to thank you for the heads-up. I’ve got a new blog and want to get the seo and possible duplicate content issues sorted from the word go.

    It installed without a hitch and is very powerful. Thanks again.



  • james @ seo pro

    Sorry, one more thing. I LOVE your threaded comments plugin. If you don’t mind, could you please tell me it’s name? Thanks Leland.

  • syndeomedia

    Thank you for the post

  • Mayank – Mini Site Profits

    The 301 redirect seems to be the best feature of the lot. Although it can be also be done by installing a separate plugin.

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  • Will

    I can’t download it!

  • Leland

    @James: It’s called Brian’s Threaded Comments. I think I got it from here.

    The download page at works fine for me. Not sure why some of you can’t access it.

  • Richard H

    Thanks for the heads up Leland. Looks like there’s some value in switching to the platinum plugin—will check it out right away.

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  • nuLL

    Never used that sort of plugins but they seem useful i will try this new one.

  • Joost de Valk

    Platinum SEO is a ripoff of code of other plugins (including my own robots meta plugin), without properly attributing those plugins. As such, it’s a fraud.

    • Leland

      @Joost: I’m very sorry to hear this. I was aware it took code from All In One SEO but didn’t know it included other uncredited plugins as well. Hopefully the author of Platinum SEO (who commented above) can give you and others proper attribution.

  • james @ seo pro

    Great, found it. Thanks a bunch for Threaded Comments help Leland.

  • Rajesh


    It was only because reuse of some functions like those, i credited your name in the code (on moral grounds), as mentioned in my comment above. But just ripping off and putting it in another code won’t work as you think.

    It needs work on several other areas of code…Even as seperate plugins all in one SEO and robots meta tag plugins were not compatible in full…

    Again let me put it clear to you that the architecture is different.It is only a few functions like those you mention were reused and this is perfectly within the spirit of GPL.

    As you seem to be talking too much on GPL, let me clarify things to you:

    1) All wordpress plugins must be GPL compatible – Refer

    Your source code does not even include a license. I don’t know, how you added it in the repository without even a license.

    Read GPL V2 (
    and GPL V3 ( in full and understand the terms and conditions.

    Read this –

    In the FAQ read in particular “Why does the GPL permit users to publish their modified versions?”

    The FAQ also clearly states “GNU GPL does not restrict what people do in software, it just stops them from restricting others.” as an answer against the question “Does GPLv3 prohibit DRM?”

    Read what says on “Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)” and why it is not compatible with GPL V2?

    What does that imply?
    This implies GPL V3 permits you to require modifiers to retain attribution notices but not GPL V2.

    But you also read “14. Revised Versions of this License.” in

    It clearly states “If the Program does not specify a version number of the GNU General Public License, you may choose any version ever published by the Free Software Foundation.”

    So if at all you want to “demand” attribution, release it under GPL V3 or later license, add the attribution requirement clause and the additional terms required under section 7 of GPL V3.

    But first of all make sure you have the GPL notice pasted on your program/source code (Read “How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs” under

    This will also help to understand the definition of “Free Software”, the foundation behind GPL.

    You sent me a threatening mail for ripping (is it completely used as such??) your code.I replied you that All in one SEO deserves more credit as i follow its architecture.But as I have used a few functions like you have mentioned (absolutely within the spirit of GPL), I had given credit to you on moral grounds (outside GPL) in my source code.So do not continue to use words like “foolish”.Know what GPL is before writing wordpress plugins.Wordpress plugins are for the community and have the community feeling while writing them.Do not demand/threaten are free not to write them, if you don’t like the spirit behind GPL.

    let me add, that i am not one who does not like to give credit. I have credited Uberdose (as well as you).All these have been done, as i respect morality and ethics.

  • GetPrettyPretty

    I currently use all in one seo – sounds interesting this one. i have a blog with lots on affiliate links so no following them would be useful

  • p@r@noid

    I’m using all in one SEO but now I’m moving to platinum SEO

  • Dinesh

    Platinum SEO pack rocks it helped me to bring 1000+ daily visitors from google and i changed my permalink structure without any hustle.

  • Pothi

    I wish Rajesh continues to work on his plugin as long as possible!