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Slick Red – Free WordPress Theme

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Presenting the winner of theme battle #1, Slick Red. This theme, designed by Anto, features three widgetized areas and four different color schemes. This theme is coded for WordPress 2.7+ only and won’t work on earlier versions, and has features such as threaded comments. More info will be gone over below.

Slick Red screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now onto the other features in more detail…

Color Schemes

As mentioned above, this theme comes in four different colors: red, green, blue, and brown. Red is the default color, although you can get an idea of what the other colors look like with the logo images below.

Red LogoGreen LogoBlue LogoBrown Logo

Thanks to Andrea for suggesting these colors in this comment.

Theme Options

So how do you change the colors? Simple, use the built-in theme options panel and select the color of your choice from the dropdown menu.

Slick Red Theme Options

As mentioned above, the default color is red, so you will have the red color scheme applied after activating the theme.

The other option is to remove the 389×63 widgetized ad area in your header. This might be useful if you don’t have anything to put there, and would rather not have an empty gray box in your header.

Widgetized Areas

Like mentioned above, this theme has three widgetized areas. The sidebar, the header ad, and the 404 page.


This theme has an image-based logo. To edit it you will want to download the PSD file. Then simply reupload the logo.gif file in the images/red/ directory (change to your color of choice).

I hope you all enjoyed participating in the theme battle. Thank you to the 71 voters. Before the vote started, I predicted that Slick Red would win, but didn’t expect it to win by such a wide margin.

If any designers out there want to submit a PSD to compete in a theme battle, please check the theme battles page for more information.

Also, as promised on the theme battles page, the “losing” theme will also be released in PSD format. Check for the Green Shade PSD release post soon.

Let me know what you think of the Slick Red theme in the comments. As usual, please post any support requests in the forums.

  • Anto

    Thanks for porting Leland.

    Came out looking pretty nice i must say. Just hope everyone else likes it, and comments here :)

  • Victor

    Great job, imho. This looks sweet.

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  • josh909

    really really nice work… almost makes me want to start another blog just so i can use it.

  • Keith

    Nice work as always, Anto :)

    • Anto

      Cheers Keith. Took a while to do.

  • Leland

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad you all like it so far!

  • Andrea_R

    I made sure I took this one for a test drive. :) You both did a really, really nice job on the color schemes.

    There’s some alignment issues that need to be fixed. the post box is stuck up right by the pages in the menu, and the sidebar is under the post area.

    See test blog here:

  • Leland

    @Andrea: Glad you like it. And thanks again for suggesting the colors!

    About the alignment issue, not sure how I missed that. Try adding this line to the style.css file.

    #main { clear: left; }

    This should fix the problem. Will upload this fix as an update ASAP.

  • Andrea_R

    Yep, that did it.

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  • Chris

    Hi. This is an awesome theme. Thank you very much. I’ve been tinkering with it and I cannot figure out the search box.

    It says “search for:” on top of the button and it looks like it is throwing the alignment off.

    Is there a way I can just turn off the “search for:” text? So that it realigns properly?

    Any help would be awesome!

  • Leland

    @Chris: Hmm…not sure how that got there. Try adding something like this to the CSS:

    .screen-reader-text {
    position: absolute;
    left: -1000em;

  • Chris

    Hey hey! Works! Awesome! Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!

  • Anthony

    Sick theme!! really enjoying it but I was just wondering if there Is a way add more space to the header just in case we’re looking to add a bigger picture for our logo?

    • Leland

      Just change the height of #header in the style.css file. Right now it’s set at 95px high.

  • Anthony

    Wow. That was really easy.
    Thank you.

    • Leland

      No problem. Just curious, where are you using the theme?

  • Ritu Raj Mishra

    Really very good work. These days wordpress developers engage in designing very fancy themes, but if we keep optimization and user interaction in mind, the themes must be simple and fast loading, as yours.. Keep up the good work