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SilverBlog – Free WordPress Theme

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After a long break between new free WordPress theme releases, we finally have a new one! This one is another designed by CSS Heaven, ported from a free CSS template of the same name.

It has several standard features including WP 3.0 navigation menu support, threaded comments, post thumbnails, and widget-readiness. We’ll get to those features later.

SilverBlog screenshot


WordPress 3.0 Menu Support

There is a WP 3.0 menu placed in the top right portion of the theme (above the search box). You can also use them in any widgetized area.

silverblog menu

Widgetized Stuff

There are widgetized areas on the sidebar, 404 page, as well as the “Featured” box on the main index template.

silverblog featured

You can override the Featured box by using the custom “Featured Content” widget in the Featured widget area. You’ll need to input a heading, text, and a full image URL.

silverbog featured widget

Post Thumbnails

There is post thumbnail support on individual post and page templates. There are a couple included in the /images/ directory. Here is a sample of one and the placement (right above the content).

silverblog post thumbnail

They are set not to exceed 609 pixels in width. Height is up to you, although you may not want to make it too high as it will push the content too far down the page.


GPL. You can do pretty much whatever you want with it, modify, redistribute, whatever (except release it under another incompatible license).


Hope you all like the theme. Let me know what you think in the comments.

And of course, thanks again to Roshan of CSS Heaven for designing another great template!

  • Dave

    This is an awesome free theme. I only wish I had seen it two days ago before I decided to buy the Alchemist theme for my new website.

    • Leland

      Glad you like it Dave, hope you find another site you can make use of SilverBlog on. :D

  • Chris Conner

    You are aware the “FEATURED” dog ear goes away when you using the widget? Was this your intent?

    • Leland

      Ah, you’re right. It wasn’t my intention, just forgot to add a line in the custom “Featured Content” widget code.

      In functions.php, if you find:

      echo '<div class="ftwrap"><div class="ftimg">';

      And right above it put this:

      echo '<h2 class="ftheading">Featured</h2>';

      I’ll put out an update soon with an updated functions.php file.

  • Shane

    Beautiful theme! It reminds me quite bit of the new Twitter layout :)

    • Leland

      Ah, didn’t think of that but it does kinda have a similar layout to the new Twitter. Thanks for the comment.

  • Brandon Cox

    What do I think? Awesome! You’ve packaged up a number of premium-level features and you’re giving it away. Awesome work!

    • Leland

      Thanks Brandon, glad you like it. :D

  • Len

    Awesome looking theme Leland. Love it!

  • Tom

    I’ve been tinkering with this theme and have run into an issue. It seems that if you have a link in the right sidebar that has more text than the width of the column, the text will overlap onto itself rather than go to a new line. Might there be a trick to wrap this onto a second line next to the list icon?

    The only (not ideal) solution I have come up with so far was to add “overflow:hidden” to “#sidebar ui li”. Otherwise, great theme. Thank you!

  • NoeG

    Amazing theme and I cant believe yoru giving it away free.

  • saxamo

    Have there been any updates to this theme for security purposes? This really is a great theme and I wish the developer would update it. Any chance you would take a donation to further its development?


    • Leland

      What “security purposes” would you be referring to?

      As far as I know, there isn’t any code that would cause any sort of vulnerability.

      It uses WordPress native functions like menus, widgets, and post thumbnails.