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RS16 – Free WordPress Theme

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It’s been a while since our last free WordPress theme. This one is designed by Roshan from Rambling Soul, who has recently returned to designing free templates after a long absence. This theme has a number of interesting features, which will be gone over below.

RS16 screenshot


Read on to check out the features in more detail…

Image-Based Page Navigation

Roshan designed this template with a set of button-style image links for the page navigation. I wanted to make sure there was an easy way to choose which image you wanted to use on a page-by-page basis, so I coded in a custom write panel to make it easier.

RS16 Button Image

  • home – home
  • works – works
  • blog – blog
  • downloads – downloads
  • blog – blog

Simply type in the name of the corresponding image listed on the right, on the write menu on each page. If nothing is specified, the “works” image will be used (which is why there’s a paintbrush on every other page besides About).

The code used to display the image links through custom fields was heavily modified from the WordPress Menu Tricks article at ThemeShaper, take a look at the functions.php file in the theme if you’re curious.

Widgetized Areas

There are only two widgetized areas in this entire theme. One widgetized area is on the 404 template, in case you want to customize your 404 page from the WordPress admin.

The second is called “Homepage Top” and located on top of the index page, so you can customize the information displayed there.

RS16 Homepage Top

WP-PageNavi Integration

This theme is integrated with the WP-PageNavi plugin. Simply install it to get super cool numbered pagination on your index, archive, and search pages. Otherwise you’ll get normal previous/next pagination links.

RS16 PageNavi

Twitter Integration

Your latest tweet is displayed at the bottom of each page in the RS16 theme after you input your Twitter username in your user profile. This Twitter input box located at the bottom of: Users → Your Profile.

RS16 Twitter Input

Thanks to Justin Tadlock for the code to add and use custom user profile fields.

Multiple Background Images

Roshan included four different post background images with different colors. Adding onto the custom write panel made for the page navigation links is a way to define an alternate background color to posts and pages, if you choose.

RS16 Backgrounds

The different color choices are: green, gray, brown, pink. If no color is defined, the default color is green.

RS16 Background Colors

Thanks to WPRecipes for the code on how to get custom fields outside the loop.


Hope you all like the theme, despite the unconventional page navigation. It’s worth noting that there is another set of text-based page navigation located in the footer. If you want more Rambling Soul templates which I’ve ported, check out this tag page for the full collection.

Not many people have noticed, but the support forums have been closed ever since the new design was launched. Not only so I can create a matching bbPress theme for it, but also wanted to set aside some time to clean up all the spam accounts which are cluttering up the database. Hardly anyone uses it anyway, so hopefully the few that do can be patient while I set that up again.

With that said, feel free to let me know what you think of the theme in the comments, including support-related questions if you notice anything that’s off.

  • Ahmed

    The design has new idea and i love it
    the footer looks missed you should add exclude option to links in the footer to looks good

    Good work So far

    Ill happy to add it to my gallery

    • Leland

      Yep, I’m aware there is no limit on the page links in the footer.

      It looks a tad weird on my install since I have so many pages, and it lists them all (not just the first level). There could be pages manually excluded/included if there’s too many.

  • Hafiz Rahman

    Wow the theme is quite pretty and I love that not only you add more features, you explained them clearly and linked to their related resources.

    Thanks for that!

    • Leland

      Thanks Hafiz, glad you like the theme!

      I try to always link out to the resource posts I use for code and such for credit, and also so others can learn as well.

  • Omar

    Great job Leland, this theme sure has some interesting features! Great to see you back with free themes.

    • Leland

      Thanks Omar, yep it sure has been a while. Trying to find the time to do some more free themes.

  • Brad

    Great template by Roshan, and another impressive port by Leland. I absolutely love the theme option for color switching. Couldn’t be easier.

    • Leland

      Thanks Brad, thought the post/page background switcher would be a nice touch for those looking for a little variety, and also take full advantage of the background images already included in the template.

  • Sandlog

    i’m trying to edit the comment form on this theme and remove the “website” field.

    i removed it from comments.php but it still shows up on my live site?

    isn’t that where i should remove it?

    • Leland

      Pretty sure that’s where you remove it. Not sure why it would still show up as the comment form is pulled from the comments.php file.

  • Pete

    Very nice…
    Any chnace in theming this template? :)

    • Leland

      Hey Pete, quite a nice template. Haven’t seen a new template from Arcsin in a while. I’ll look into theming that one and will let you know.

  • Pete

    Hi Leland… just saw that those templates have already been themed to WP on the designers site… don’t know how good they are though

    • Leland

      Ah, just saw that as well. I haven’t checked it out yet but looks like the top part (with the three boxes) is hardcoded? Everything else seems to be integrated.

  • Martin

    Thanks for Sharing this stunning theme, I just installed it now on xamp, but the only option showing is the extended profile for twitter etc..

    none of the other options for changing the menu items, or colours etc are showing up in the admin, using wp 2.9..

    I will re-download it and try again..

    It’s an amazing looking theme though, the balance between visual and simplicity is perfect..

  • Daniel Oliveira


    hi im using your theme at:

    on the “sidebar where are the page navigation” just show the works.png img, i want to have the name of the page too, how can i do that??

    biiigg thanksss
    []‘s from brazil!

    • Leland

      Just set the page name as “Works” and the custom field as “works” …don’t think it would conflict in any way.

  • Mhaye

    I tried downloading this but how come I can’t find the R16 Page settings. I can’t change the images for page navigation menus. I hope you could reply asap. Thanks.

    • Leland

      When you’re writing a page (not a post), you should see the menu below the area where you write in the content for the page.

  • Ryan

    Is there a way to lower the text down on Pages so that you could have a consistent header throughout the theme without it being blocked by text?