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RS12 – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have a very nice looking blog-style theme, originally designed by Roshan of Rambling Soul. This theme is coded for WordPress 2.7+ only, so make sure you upgrade before trying to use this theme. It has a widget-ready sidebar and breadcrumb support. More information on the breadcrumb support will be gone over below.

RS12 screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now onto the breadcrumbs…


Since Roshan originally designed this template with space for breadcrumb navigation, I thought I would go out looking for a WordPress plugin that could accomplish this, which I could then integrate in the code. I eventually settled on Yoast Breadcrumbs, created by Joost de Valk. To get it working, simply search “yoast breadcrumbs” in the plugin browser in your WordPress 2.7 admin panel, install, and activate it.

To remove the You are here: text, simply visit the “Breadcrumbs” page under “Settings” in your admin panel, like this:

RS12 Breadcrumbs

I’ve also made the following video which walks you through installing the breadcrumbs, step by step.


So, no fancy theme options page this time around. With this theme, I didn’t really feel it was necessary.

Anyway, hope you all like it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

And in case you’re not aware of the contest, it’s still open at the time of this post. So if you haven’t already entered and want to, now is as good a time as ever. Only a few days left until it’s closed.

  • cuteegirlee

    Roshan does very slick looking templates, with great graphics. Thanks for theming this Leland… a perfect copy!

    By the way it looks like OpenDesigns ( has or is very shortly going to lose all it’s long term members and hit the dust… pity, but Sean ( from OD has started up his own site so it’s looking good.

    Is the hardest thing about widgetising a sidebar getting the bits correct?

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  • Roshan

    Hi Leland, welcome back! :) and thanks for porting the template.

  • Leland

    @cuteegirlee: Wow, that’s too bad about OD. I haven’t visited there in a while, but reading some of the forum threads it appears you may be right.

    And about the widgetized sidebars, I didn’t have any trouble with this template, although with other templates I do have some trouble getting the HTML code “widget-friendly.” I go over this in my widgetizing themes tutorial.

    @Roshan: No problem, thanks for the welcome! :D

  • Keith

    Very nice theme.

    You keep getting better and better ;)