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RedPepper – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have a very cool free WordPress theme, originally designed by growldesign. It may look like a normal blog layout (with Gravatar-enabled comments) from the front end, but with a little WordPress tweaks – this theme is suitable for business website or portfolio. These features will be gone over below.

RedPepper screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now on to the features…

Widget-Ready Sidebar

Don’t like how the default sidebar looks? Want to change it around? It’s easy with this widgetized theme. Control your sidebar with the build in WordPress widgets feature.

Custom Page Headers

Making use of the original header graphics in the RedPepper template, I have decided to integrate these in the pages through custom fields. To activate this feature, you’ll need to input 2 custom field key/value sets. The first key is is page_header. There is a choice of 5 header graphics which can be displayed depending on the custom field you choose.






In addition to the graphic, another requirement is to use the page_message key. This is where you will type in a small message to be displayed over the header graphic.

RedPepper Custom Fields

If none of this makes sense to you, hopefully the above screenshot will clear things up. This exact same custom field set is used on the “about” page on the demo.


Hope you all like this theme. Remember, you don’t need a blog on your front page. This theme may be best used in conjunction with a separate blog posts page, so you can take advantage of the custom page headers for the different pages of your website. If there’s anything confusing, feel free to let me know in the comments.

  • Andrea

    Download links comes up as invalid. :-/

  • Anto

    This is nice and clean i love it. Will the dude be releasing more templates?

    Nice port non the less man, keep up the good work

  • Robin

    Hi Leland, i think this is a cool theme. Really like it. However, seems like you put a wrong download link? Please advice.


  • Leland

    Really sorry about that! Download link fixed. I had forgotten to add the file to the download manager.

    @Anto: I’m not sure if they will be releasing more templates. I’ll be sure to ask though.

  • Pete


  • Andrea

    There we go – thanks. :) Can’t wait to try this out.

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  • Jenna

    I do plan on releasing more templates at some point in the future but as my time is pretty limited at the moment, I haven’t had a chance to yet :(

    I’ll be sure to add future releases to the “template” section on my website though, so keep an eye out :)

    Glad you all liked this port and thank you to leland for taking the time to do it!

    P.S. I’m a lass, not a lad :P

  • Anto

    Ah rite another lassie =) Good stuff.

    Anywhoo, yea there really isnt enough time in the day to do a lot like, but slowly but surely more will be out..I hope, nice clean style, i like it. Keep up the good work.

    And again Leland, nice port.

  • Pangeran

    This is nice and have a professional look…
    But, I found out, many of other theme alike this theme, the sidebar is not wide… A wider look may look pleasant…


    Awesome! Have a plan to convert it to Blogger Template again :D


    Hi Leland, something went wrong with the comment form ! You should check it.

  • Leland What’s wrong with the comment form? You mean on the RedPepper theme? I’m looking to fix that with the next release. It seems some things aren’t aligned properly.


      Yes, I meant on the RedPeper theme. As you said, somethings aren’t aligned properly.

  • ArtHack

    If the subject to improve the interface I think that would be more beautiful!

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    Did my work! Here is Red Pepper blogger template

    Thanks for your work, Leland ;)

  • Leland No problem, thanks for letting me know!

  • Jodi

    This is very confusing. All I’m trying to do is show my tag line. So I thought maybe I could do it in the red box you add to the site. The instructions are very unclear on how to do that. There is no option for a custom page header on your theme. i looked everywhere.
    when you give instructions, they really need to be step by step and where to start first and find the item you are talking about.
    You say to set up a custom field, but there are no instructions on where find that and set it up.

  • stavros

    Hi there i download this theme yesterday and i found on footer.php some code look like this (?php eval 64 *(gdfhfgjgh) and on my antivirus says its a virus why so you use encoded code on this page?