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QuadStripe – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have a very cool theme designed by Anto. I coded the design into XHTML/CSS and then ported it to WordPress. This theme has all the usual features of a blog theme here. Gravatar support, widget-ready sidebar, and WordPress tag support are all included. In addition, it also comes in 4 different colors, including blue (pictured below). More information on switching colors will be gone over below.

QuadStripe screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now more information on changing the colors…

Alternate Colors

Like mentioned above, there are 4 total colors included in this theme (blue being the default). Here they are, along with the corresponding stylesheet name:

  • green – green.css
  • red – red.css
  • pink – pink.css

To change the color stylesheet that’s called in the theme, open up your header.php file and locate where it says blue.css. Simply change the “blue” to any of the other above colors.

QuadStripe Colors


Hope you like the theme, and many thanks to Anto for designing it. Do you all prefer themes that have multiple color choices like this one?

  • Pete



    Another dark wordpress theme :)

  • Anto

    If you guys got any problems drop a comment and me or leland will help you out.

    thanks for porting this leland. =) the search box was annoying huh? :P

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  • Leland

    @Pete: Thanks for the feedback. Yup, sure is. :D

    @Anto: Yep, that search box was indeed annoying. Thanks again for the design.

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