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Purple – Free WordPress Theme

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Today’s free WordPress theme is very classy and elegant. It is called simply Purple. The template was originally released by our friends over at which was coded into WordPress by me. It has a widget-ready sidebar and a few other interesting features. There is a theme options page to exclude selected pages from your top page navigation menu. There’s also a built in “recent comments” plugin which is displayed in the footer, along with the last 5 recent posts. Check out the live demo here. Download it here. Screenshot is below.

Purple Screenshot

UPDATE: Download link was broken. It is fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • http://null Anto

    I like this.

  • Stefan

    I user of my plugin (Hover) reported a problem when used together with your theme. AFACT it looks like wp_footer is not correctly called.

  • Leland

    @Stefan: I’m aware of these issues. I’m going to go back and start redoing all of my older themes with these issues. Thanks for the comment.

  • http://notyetfinish Pèo

    With your template, if you have the plugin (Hover), it is missing in the footer this line juste before the : and after all is working well.
    Thank you for your creations.
    A new WP user.

  • http://notyetfinish Pèo

    before the /body and put : ?php wp_footer(); ?

  • Leland

    Yes, that’s correct. Just put the following before the closing body tag.

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    Like that. Sorry again about the inconvenience. I’ll be sure to update this theme soon.

  • doi

    Thanks for this theme, but i have 2 questions.
    Is there any way to have the part with recent posts and recent comments in the sidebar? It’s probably to difficult to recode it. So if you know about same looking theme with recent posts and recent comments in sidebar, please let me know :) .
    And second question – it sounds easier to me – how can I add beyond the post categories number, which shows, how much of posts is in concrete category? Like: Life (2)