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Photocrati – Photography WordPress Themes

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This is just a quick announcement post about a photography blog I recently came across with an interesting business model: selling WordPress themes on the side. As you can imagine, they are photography-oriented themes.

Photocrati Themes

At the moment, they have five different themes priced at $59 each, or you could get them all for $99. All of these themes look great and would be ideal for a photography portfolio of sorts, with an accompanying blog.

If there are any photographers here, would you consider buying themes like this? To any bloggers out there, do you find this niche WordPress theme selling model interesting?


Leland Fiegel was the original founder of ThemeLab. He is a web developer who loves WordPress and blogging.

  • John (Human3rror)

    link is broke… or their site is broke.

  • Leland

    @John: Hmm…seems they’re having some technical difficulties at the moment.

  • Leland is back up now. Not sure what the problem was.

  • Andrea_R

    It’s smart, they picked a good niche.

    A lot of pro potographers have been using this pricey proprietary software to get stunning sites showcasing their work – with themes like this for WordPress, it opens up a huge opportunity for beginning photographers who don’t have thousands to set up a website.

  • Dzinepress

    looks really like as i visit there. thanks

  • Erick Danzer

    Hi all,

    This is Erick, Photocrati Editor. Just came across your post and want to say thanks, Leland, for the post about our themes. And thanks to everyone else for the comments. We love to get feedback – either the blog or the themes, good or constructive. So if you’ve got thoughts, comment here and I’ll check back from time to time or feel free to email me

    Apologies for the downtime – we had some technical difficulties for about an hour yesterday about the same time as this post.

    Just one response for now. Andrea: Yes, that’s just the idea. We’re hoping to provide a genuine, cost-effective entry point for photo enthusiasts and aspiring pros who don’t want to drop big money on a site. So far, the response has been very positive.

    Best to everyone,

  • jodyfrost

    Trying to buy “Emulsion” web design template but my username password keeps getting bumped with “someone else using that name..” or some such. Anyone else having problems?

  • Leland

    @jodyfrost: Not really sure, I just emailed Erick to let him know about your problem. You might also want to email their support (address at the bottom of this page).

  • Erick @ Photocrati

    Hi Jody,

    This is Erick from Photocrati. Leland kindly informed me of your question. Our system seems to be saying that username is already taken. If you are using JodyFrost, I can only assume you’ve registered previously for the blog?

    We’d like to help you get this sorted. If you email Photocrati’s support email (, I’ll see your email come in, and I or one of our other WordPress guru’s can get you set up. Our apologies for the confusion.

    Leland, thanks for going out of your way to send me an email. It underscores what a great guy you are. Best,


  • Adrian Campbell-Howard

    Paid for a photocrati theme earlier today but still waiting for the download link. My username and password won’t let me into the forum (which it should) – how long does it normally take to get the download link?

    • Leland

      Adrian, just sent Erick from Photocrati an email about it. Have you sent an email to

  • Erick @ Photocrati

    Leland, thanks for keeping us posted!

    Adrian, thanks for giving our themes a try! The issue you’re having is that your credit card has not yet approved payment. That just happens sometimes. Once payment is approved, you’ll receive an automatic email with a download payment. We know people generally buy themes at a moment when they’re ready to use them, so one of WordPress gurus / tech support folks has already replied to the email you sent and attached a copy of the theme so you can get started.

    If you have other questions, feel free to respond to her directly or send us a message at

    You can also email me directly at

    Thanks, Adrian!

  • faldur

    I have enjoyed the product, but customer service time seems awfully slow. For every problem/upgrade or such you have as much as 2 days wait.

    Better support would make it a much better product.

  • Erick @ Photocrati

    Hey all,

    Erick from Photocrati. Hi Faldur! Sorry to hear about the response time experience you’ve had. Not sure what happened in your case.

    Our goal is to respond to all queries in the member area and forum within 90 minutes during normal business hours M-F. On weekends, it can be longer, and for advanced customization – outside the normal scope of the use of our themes – you may wait a couple days since we place those lower on the priority scale.

    I will say we’ve also gone through growing pains. We’ve had sharp spikes in use, and depending on volume, there have been periods where it’s hard to keep up with incoming questions.

    I hope your future responses come faster.

    Separate from that, I also wanted to let people know that we’ve just upgraded to Photocrati 3.0. All customers get free lifetime upgrades, and you can upgrade using one-click upgrade from your dashboard. Here’s a bit more information:

    Thanks and best,

  • Ruby

    Thanks for the info about Photocrati’s theme, and contact. I am seriously thinking of switching to Photocrati, but I am wondering if there are other options for photographers like me. Would appreciate if anyone can share any info – reviews, instructions (how-to), or direct me to one. Thanks!

  • Ron Lussier

    There is a Photocrati User’s Group for help with installations and customizations at: