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Photabulous – Free WordPress Theme

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Here’s the winner of theme battle #2. The Photabulous theme was designed by Keith as a gallery/photoblog theme of sorts, which I then coded to WordPress. This theme has four widgetized areas, including a widgetized footer, an alternate color scheme, along with a bunch of other features which will be gone over below.

Photabulous screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now onto the rest of the features…


Obviously a gallery theme like this makes use of thumbnail images. In order to cut down on the amount of thumbnails you would need to upload, I integrated the timthumb script into the theme. For single posts, you’ll need to upload one 467×350 image and place the absolute path to the image in the custom write panel.

Photabulous Post Settings

Once that is done, timthumb will take that image and resize it for use on archive pages. If there’s no image specified, a placeholder image will be used on archive pages. No image will be displayed at all on the single post template.

Widgetized Areas

As mentioned above, this theme has four widgetized areas. Three of these are located in the footer: Footer One, Footer Two, and Footer Three. There is one widgetized area for each of the three columns. The fourth widgetized area is located on the 404 template, so you can edit what you’d like displayed on your 404 pages through the widgets panel.

Cufon Headings

The Titillium font is used for the blog title headings, page headings, as well as comment headings. Cufon, a fast text-replacement technique, is used to render this font on the theme.

Color Schemes

Included in the Photabulous WordPress theme is an alternate light color scheme. You might have caught a glimpse of it if you follow me on Twitter, where I tweeted the preview link a few times. Here’s a screenshot of it below.

Photabulous Light

Switching between the dark and light color schemes couldn’t be simpler, since I coded in a theme options page.

Photabulous Options

Simply select between either “dark” or “light” on the page to switch. It’s set to dark by default. If you’d like to change any specific colors, you can edit the dark.css or light.css files.


I think the theme turned out really well. Thanks again to Keith for participating in the theme battle and contributing the two designs to it. The “losing” Bravissimo PSD from theme battle #2 will be released soon.

This is the first gallery theme released here, so I’d love to know what you think of the Photabulous theme in the comments. If you have a support question, please post it in the forums.

  • Keith

    Thanks so much, Leland. Looks great.

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  • cuteegirlee

    great looking design and very well themed… i really like this one

  • Leland

    @Keith: No problem. Thanks once again for the design.

    @cuteegirlee: Thanks, glad you like it.

  • Mijk

    Thanks very much for coding and releasing this awesome theme, as I already presented @ Keith’s blog – you both just made my day ^o^

  • Brett Widmann

    Awesome theme. Nice design and great work!

  • Brett Widmann

    Thanks for making this awesome theme. The design looks great!

  • Brian

    Thank you very much! I love this theme.

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  • limoli

    I have problem with timthumb, after adding url of image to “Featured Image” it’s not creating thumb, i don’t know what to do is there some way to add it manualy?

    • limoli

      I had solve this by changing permision to 777 for wp-content/themes/photabulous/scripts/cache . Working great now!

  • Calvin

    I have got problem with the feature content on the index page. It shows everything in my post but actually I just want the first or second paragraph to be shown. How can I do that?

    • Leland

      Cutting it off with <!-- more --> should work.

  • Martin


    Thank You for creating and sharing this awesome theme:) it’s perfect!. but I was wondering how I could change the cufon font used?..



  • Thomas

    Very nice theme. I really want it to work, but I have a small problem with the thumb feature. The thumb image shows up nicely on the front page’s top post, but doesn’t show on the other posts. The placeholder image is no longer there, but the linked image doesn’t show either.

    Also, you wrote above that: “No image will be displayed at all on the single post template.” But, I am actually getting a thumb image on the single post pages. It is sized like the latest post image on the front page, and displayed in similar relation to the text.

    I noticed that in your post above you wrote “you’ll need to upload one 467×350 image”, while the theme’s options asks instead for 457. Could this be a source of my problems?

    Thanks again for the nice theme, and for any suggestions.

  • Ranald

    Hi, I am very keen to use this theme on a photography site I am working on as I love the simplistic and stylish look. However I would want to use my own logo. Is there anyway of doing this, and if so, how?
    Thank you very much for this great theme.

  • ahadaily

    I want to start a blog that will feature the great works from popular artists starting from photographers, designers, digital artists, visual artists and others.

    This theme seems a little less vibrant when it comes to showcasing great artwork. Do you have any other recommendation to make?

    pls suggest. thanks