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New tag archives

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I’m not sure how many of you have used the tag cloud in the sidebar to find a certain type of WordPress theme here, but if you did you would have noticed the tag archive pages were pretty difficult to use, until now. Before it would just show an excerpt of the post content, which doesn’t do much good if you’re quickly looking for a theme. You probably want screenshots along with demo and download links. Well with the use of custom fields I created a new tag archive template. Take a look at the themes tagged with a left sidebar (for example) and you’ll see it’s much easier to navigate. Hope you like it.

  • Dennis Edell

    Well, I am NOT a fan of tag clouds at all, but I must say Good Job!

    That’s definitely the least “offensive” one I’ve seen to-date. :)

  • Leland

    Glad to hear it doesn’t suck too much… :P