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Motion – Free WordPress Theme

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Thanks to the great feedback I received on the previous WordPress theme, I decided to go out and look for another “non standard” WordPress layout. I came across some great templates from Six Shooter Media. One in particular, called Motion, caught my eye – and I decided to port it into WordPress.

This WordPress theme has no comments, no pages, no single posts, no sidebar, no widgets, no Gravatars – nothing but a one column main index template. In fact, the only theme files included are index.php and style.css.

Motion screenshot
Live Demo | Download

As you can see from the demo, it has some pretty cool Javascript features. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think in the comments section, and if you’d like to see any more of Six Shooter Media’s templates ported into WordPress.

  • Anto

    This is a nice design like, but it wasnt ment for a wordpress theme tho.

    • Pete

      No such thing as “it wasn’t meant for wordpress”… I think it’s great to see wordpress be used for things outside the box.

      Until we see more of this then we won’t be able to see the full range of what WP can do.

  • Andrea_R

    I went to their site and found a few templates I liked. :)

  • Leland

    @Anto: You may be right, I just couldn’t resist. :P

    @Andrea: Which templates in particular did you like?

    Thanks for the comments! :D

  • ArtHack

    Very good theme, the theme I see it

  • PJ

    I’ve seen a couple of other accordion-based themes, but this one is really nice. Thanks for porting it over to WP.

  • Pangeran

    Is that an accordion script?
    Wow, I’m impressive…
    Maybe if I wait, there’s an ajax wordpress theme…

  • Michael

    It’s great as seen on
    That is also nice example for implementing this technique.
    We’re all waiting for the release here.

  • Leland

    @PJ: Thanks!

    @Pangeran: Yes, looks like the script is called Simple Accordions.

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  • nuLL

    Very good idea…

    Nice Theme.

    My question is u kept the CSS intact in the conversion to WP?

  • Leland

    @nuLL: Yes, I didn’t change any CSS code for this theme porting.

  • nuLL

    It can become great theme if you implement below a category tag cloud navigation and comments and the original contact form it can be used as a nice elegant portfolio.

    I like your work gz for making time to port all those themes to wp.

  • akira


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  • Pangeran

    Hello, Leland…
    Good news, I am using your motion theme…
    But I don’t know how to make the page appear in the index…
    How to make links appear in the accordian page…
    The conclusion is how to use this theme…

  • Pangeran

    Ah, I know how to do it already…
    I just edit the index.php and add other accordion div…
    It works well…
    Congratulation to me and thanks to you Leland for porting it into wordpress…
    I use it here Pangeran Wiguan’s Home.

  • Leland

    @Pangeran: Great, glad you got it working!

  • 3D Studio Max Tutorials

    This theme is wonderfull.

    Tnx for sharing.

  • ja

    hello from Poland

    I have a problem. I want that every post will be closed from start. Now first post is open and I don’t like it. Can you tell what shoud I change to be that like I want?

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  • kris Stoph

    I made a few minor modifications to this theme, now the the movement is only working in safari browser and not internet explorer or fire fox. Any ideas why?

  • senlin

    Hi Leland,

    Many thanks for porting such an original theme! I particularly like it because basically the entire content is visible in one page of code (good for SEO imo).

    I did add a page.php though, main reason for that is that the javascript breaks other javascripts i use, for example NextGenGallery with Lightbox and CForms, also it just felt like a good idea to keep the most important content upfront and link to other content placed on pages outside the “mainframe”.

    Anyways, before I start rambling on, thanks a million! Very original work! Of course these kudos also are meant for Jay at SixShooterMedia :)


  • taeke

    I would like to use this theme but with all posts closed on entry instead of having the first one opened.. Anyone know how to achieve this?

  • Erika

    Love the theme and am really excited to use it. Thanks! Is there anyway to change the orientation of the accordian? So that it opens left to right instead of up and down? I’d really appreciate it.

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  • M

    Doesnt work with IE! Wirks with FireFox however.

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  • Jakob Smith

    Is it possible to show pages in this accordeon too? If so, how do I do it?

    I’m working on a website, where I want to have the main content in pages and have each page shown on a separate accordeon child.

    Thanks in advance for any help. I’d really appreciate it.

  • Marc

    i am playing with this theme right now, but it seems not to interpret the line-height value. Any suggestions?

  • Bo Lane

    Great theme. Can you tell me how I can change the header from text to an image??

    That would be great.

    THanks again.

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  • lsd

    Hi 2 all :)

    I’ve just tweaked this theme :) and wanted to show some results :)

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  • allneed

    Is it possible to show ONLY pages ( NOT CATEGORIES POST )in this accordeon too? If so, how do I do it?

  • tRGy

    thanks; beautiful theme.

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  • hali

    this is the best for me.

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  • Carlos

    it is a great theme.Nice idea an very simple.

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  • Frank

    Thanks for your original theme!
    This should be very simple but I can’t seem to figure it out…
    How can I show more posts with the Motion Theme. Now it cuts off at the 4th post and shows “older entries”, but I have only 7 posts total and I would like to show them all on the first page.
    Please let me know where to look!

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  • joe

    This is quite useful for anybody who want their wordpress to look different and to deliver information in different ways. however, it is quite limited. Other than what i mentioned it can’t do much else. I am thinking right now what can i use if for, may be some product showcase. Thanks though.

  • thecommutist

    Thanks for porting this to wordpress. Great work! I’ve modified the theme a bit by adding a sidebar and customising the header image. Looks great!

  • Leland

    @Frank: The theme has nothing to do with how many posts are displayed on the front page, you have to set that in your reading settings.

    @thecommutist: Thanks, glad you like it. Just out of curiosity, where did you modify the theme with a sidebar and custom header image? I’d like to see it.

  • thecommutist

    @Leland: You can check out the modified theme here –

    It’s still at testiing stage & I’m working on it to refine it further. Hope you like what I did to your idea!

  • mike

    Hi !

    Great theme, tanks.

    A few problems though :

    1) How come images do not show up properly when used with text ??? I mean, I tried to insert an image in a text paragraph and the image is completely out of the text block. No clue to figure this out.

    2) I got how to not get the first accordion set opened by default. But how can I do to make the accordion close by clicking on it ?

    Thank you very much for those who got the answers.

    • thecommutist

      Hi mike!

      I had the same problem with regards to inserting images. Solved it by changing the size of the textarea. Regarding your second problem, I’ve got no clue but can you please share as to how you got the first accordion set not to open by default? Thanks!

  • mike

    Ok, here is my advice :

    1) I found this, I think you’ll be interested in it :

    Have fun with it :)

    2) For the accordion no to be opened by default :

    In the index.php, check the following line :

    <div id="test-header” class=”accordion_headings header_highlight” >

    and replace by

    3) Another tip : if you wish to make it possible for the accordion to close on click, download the accordian-src.js instead of accordian.pack.js, upload it to your /js/ folder, do not forget to change the name of the script in the header.php; and edit it this way :

    replace the following line…


    … by those two:

    if(((n+’-header’) && !( == p.className.substr(p.className.indexOf(‘ ‘)+1, p.className.length))){


    • solo.twin

      I change- under these tag:
      !–Parent of the Accordion–

      Under you find this line contain theese word:
      ?php $i = 0; if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?

      I change the number from 0 to 3.


  • mike


    Looks my 2) was cropped :(

    so in the index.php, check the following line :

    //<div id="test-header” class=”accordion_headings header_highlight” >//

    and replace the third “1″ by a “0″.


  • mike

    Sorry, looks like it doesn’t want to show up properly, but i think you got what i meant anyway.

    • thecommutist

      Thanks mike! Appreciate your kind help.

  • Mark

    Beautifully simple and elegant design. Love it!

  • Lisa

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this theme. I’ve been looking for something like that. I tried to install it to my blog and I am getting a blank screen in preview… Before and after I activate the theme…. I hope I’d make it work. Wish you didn’t create a TOTALLY different looking theme with the same name – this is just a breath of fresh air, especially for someone looking for one column without any frillies – nice, clean, with a punch.

  • Wolfgang


    Hi @ all & big THANKS to Leland for this wp-theme.
    It works without any problems – I use it on & I think my black version of the motion-theme looks as good as the original. – I like it :)

    If there are bloggers from germany who are interested in more about this, just visit

    some kind of feedback would give me great pleasure

  • Sahara

    Love this Motion theme. I use it within an i-frame to create accordion modules for sidebars, FAQs and such; perfect for my needs…


    I’d love to have more than 10 posts listed. I have tried every hack I can think of but cannot get more than 10 posts to display at once.

    Any possibility someone here can show me ha hack to display more than 10 posts?

  • Sahara


    Sorry — I am an idiot.
    I found how to display more than 10 posts,
    in the WP Reading admin section.