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Monochromatic – A Thematic Child Theme

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This is a first here at Theme Lab, a free WordPress child theme, or themelet. After receiving some very nice feedback over at my personal blog, I have decided to release it here. All this child theme consists of is a directory with a single stylesheet in it. This stylesheet overrides a few lines of CSS in the parent theme to alter the color scheme, as well as change up the header a bit. Everything else is handled by Thematic, so you’ll need this theme uploaded to your WordPress theme directory as well.

Monochromatic screenshot
Live Demo | Download

  • Anto

    Nice and clean, build of Thematic theme =D

    Im not liking the nav is all, the rest is nice and clean.

  • Ian Stewart

    Very cool, Leland!

    How did you find styling/working-with Thematic?

  • Leland

    @Anto: Fair enough. How do you think the nav can be improved?

    @Ian: It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, once I got the hang of it.

  • Steve

    Have to agree with Anto…

    It’s a nice minimalistic theme, but perhaps too much so. I’m not saying I could do better, but it’s just stripped down to the point where it’s harsh on the eyes.

    • Leland

      Sorry Steve it took so long to approve your comment, it got flagged as spam by Akismet for some reason (I unmarked it). Anyway, I appreciate the feedback.

  • Pangeran

    Yeah, it’s like writing a plugin.
    Just use hook and add_action or filter.

    But, we still need a good parent theme to start with.

  • IndieLab

    Nice job Leland. Child themes are starting to become known more and more and I think you’ll do well to start releasing them first (or one of the first anyway;).

    This begs the question…who’s going to be first to try and release a “premium” child theme???

  • Leland

    Thanks Adam.

    There are a couple of premium child themes of Thematic already: Travailler and Acamas.

    There’s also a “Theme Club” based around child themes over at Theme Hybrid, created by Justin Tadlock.

  • IndieLab

    Duly noted, thanks for the info:)

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  • http://eliyahubendavid tsiyon

    I love monocromatic!

    Q. What code would I need (and where) to modify monocromatic to place a small graphic image, about 30×60, over the black line in the header above the sidebar? Thanks!

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