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Looking For Some Feedback On A Video I Made

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I’ve been wanting to do some video tutorials for a while now and finally managed to make one. It’s a video version of my first tutorial on installing the latest version of WordPress. I was looking for some feedback on it, and whether you’d like to see more of these video tutorials like this in the future or not.

Update: Now available on the WordPress video tutorials page.

I know the quality is poor, thanks to YouTube – but hopefully it’s not too bad. Let me know what you think in the comments.

  • http://null Anto

    Its not that bad. Easy enough to read.

    Anywho, seems pretty good dude, keep doing that instead of writting… not many people like reading, they would rather watch a video..

    And its a hell of a lot easyer to talk and show in a video, than to write? No?

  • Nick Berlette

    Great tutorial, Leland! I have yet to see a video tutorial on WordPress-related stuff, definitely looking forward to more though.

    And I agree with Anto – it seems to be much easier to explain things when you can actually speak to people.

    Another great addition to the growing ‘lab :-)

  • ameo

    pretty good , i liked it and it’s [ just as the previous posters said ] much easier than reading

    can you tell me what software you’ve used to make this video ?? just curious .

    well done

  • Danny

    Sweet. I need all the help I can get…keep ‘em coming! I mean this I CAN do but anything else…not so much! LOL!

  • Leland

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll be posting more videos like this in the future.

    @ameo: It’s called Camtasia:

  • Peter Blake

    Excellent video tutorial, very helpful, clear and precise. I look forward to further videos.

  • CBM

    Good Leland! I like video tutorials b/c it’s much easier to follow (sometimes with written instructions I always worry about missing a step-I’m sort of a beginner internet user). Good job.

  • ameo

    @ leland :

    MAN .. i was praying that you’d say that it’s something other than camtasia it’s 300 $ i remember that there has been a giveaway version with no limitations but i didn’t catch the dead line :(

    I’ll try something else beg techsmith for a free one :D

  • WordPress Modder

    @ Leland,

    Really looks good. I have my own video tutorials planned in the coming weeks for a site I’ve been developing. I think I may have emailed you about it???


    If you’re looking for an inexpensive, and I mean FREE screencasting tool, I’ve tried many and can recommend Cam Studio found here,

  • Leland

    @Adam: Thanks for the kind words. I don’t recall ever receiving an e-mail from you about video tutorials though. Feel free to send again, I believe you have my address. ;)