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Just Interviewed on WPTavern

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In case you don’t follow me on Twitter and/or missed my tweet, I was interviewed on WPTavern yesterday, a well known WordPress community site run by Jeff Chandler. If you ever wanted to know…

  • How long I’ve been a part of the WordPress community
  • The process of releasing a theme on Theme Lab
  • Some of the lessons I can share when dealing with outside collaboration
  • What my daily routine consists of
  • With ThemeLab being responsible for over 90 themes, how much freelance work I have managed to undertake
  • Why I’ve decided to work with WordPress rather than other software
  • Some of the pains and tribulations of being a WordPress theme developer

…then be sure to check out the interview at WPTavern.


Leland Fiegel was the original founder of ThemeLab. He is a web developer who loves WordPress and blogging.