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Jungleland – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have an awesome free WordPress theme, originally designed by Styleshout. This theme has a number of cool features and is reminicsent of the FreshPick theme, also designed by Styleshout. There are six widgetized areas, including a widgetized footer, as well as a custom widget included with the theme. It also has threaded comments, so you’ll need at least WordPress 2.7. Other features will also be gone over below.

Jungleland screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now onto the features in more detail…


This theme makes extensive use of thumbnails, so I coded in a custom write panel to insert thumbnails into your posts as an alternative to custom fields.

Jungleland Post Settings

  • Featured Image – This image is displayed next to your featured post on the main index template. It should be sized at 350×250.
  • Post Image – This image is displayed above the content on your single post pages. Thanks to the TimThumb script, a resized version is also used as the image under “Recent Posts” on your homepage.

For both, make sure you use the full path of the image. The images should also be hosted on your domain, otherwise the TimThumb script may not work.


Like I mentioned above, this theme has a whopping six widget ready areas. One in the sidebar, four in the footer, and one on the 404 template.

For the first time, I also created a custom widget for the “Follow Us” links you currently see in the footer. This will require WordPress 2.8 to work, but if you’re currently using 2.7 it shouldn’t break anything.

Feed Links Widget

Simply place the “Feed links” widget in any one of the footer widget areas, and be sure to fill in the respective URLs.

Many thanks to WPengineer for the code to this, which I modified slightly.


This theme has support for the FlickrRSS plugin, which you can currently see in the sidebar. Here’s a screenshot of my settings in case you’d like to set them up on your sidebar like I have them currently:

flickrRSS Settings


Hope you all like the theme. It was actually a bit easier to port than it looked, considering I had already done most of the work already with the FreshPick theme. As a lot of the markup was very similar, it was mostly just copying a lot of the functions over to the new theme.

Oh yeah, and for the first time in like 10 themes, there isn’t a theme option page included with the Jungleland theme. Sorry all you theme options lovers, but I couldn’t think of any justifiable reason to include one. If there’s something specific you’d like to change, a tiny code edit might be in order.

A special thanks to Omar Corrales who was kind enough to test out the theme for me and found a couple bugs that I missed. Sometimes it takes an extra set of eyes to find these things.

Let me know what you think of the theme in the comments, but if you have any support questions please make sure to post in the forums.

  • Keith

    This. Is. Sexy.

  • Leland

    @Keith: Couldn’t agree more.

    By the way there are a couple slight changes and bug fixes between the pre-release copy and this final version, so you might want to redownload it.

  • Omar

    thanks for the mention and it was a pleasure to be able to of had the pre-release, if only i could give a use. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people will give it a good home.

    Great job with the conversion to wp ^^

  • Leland

    @Omar: No problem. Thanks again for testing the theme.

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  • Ahmed

    The theme looks nice

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  • Rebecca

    What a fantastic theme – thank you! The best one I’ve found so far. I can’t believe it’s free….

    (FYI, if you’re not yet aware of it, there are two “Footer Three”s in the footer.php file.)

  • Leland

    @Rebecca: Thanks for the kind words. And apparently, I can’t count…lol.

    That last one should be “Footer Four” so thanks for pointing that out. I’ll upload an update ASAP.

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  • Tia

    Great theme, I was using freshpicks before and have now upgraded to this theme ;)
    Slight layout problem, my ‘recent articles’ is only showing 5 articles, your demo shows six on the homepage, can you advise on how to change settings?

  • Leland

    @Tia: There aren’t any settings you need to change. Are you sure you have 7 posts published?

    • Tia

      Leyland, sorry. A case of ‘user error’ – I had the setting to 5 posts in my WP settings. Nothing wrong with your excellent theme! Thanks for the prompt response.

  • Craig

    Hey Leyland. Great job! Theme looks great. This is all new to me and I was wondering if there was any way to insert a logo instead of having the text in the header?


    • Craig

      Sorry Leland, just noticed the mis-spell… Apologies.

    • Leland

      @Craig: No worries, you’re not the first person to spell my name “Leyland” …lol.

      As for an image logo, would probably be just a matter of replacing this:

      <h1 id="logo-text">...</h1>
      <p id="slogan">...</p>

      …with an image tag linking back to the homepage. May need to use CSS to position the image properly.

      • Craig

        Great! Thanks for the fast reply. That’s the problem with creating such good stuff. People just keep wanting more… lol.

        Thanks again.

  • Reno

    Great theme though I experience a problem with links in articles. They are simply not shown as links on the website. Anyone else experiencing this or knows a solution for it? Thanks in advance.

  • Leland

    @Reno: No idea what you mean by the links are not showing up in the articles. You mean on single post pages or archives?

    Could you post your issue on the support forums along with your site URL and any examples or screenshots that might be helpful.

  • Timothy West | PHOTONOMY

    Hey great theme.

    Is there a way to make the first image of the post display as the feature shot and the thumbnail without having to manually enter this. I am just curious as i use wp-omatic to import posts into my blog?

  • Deuce

    Hey Leland,
    Whenever i should get the 404.php page, I just get this error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /html/wp-content/themes/jungleland/404.php on line 29

    Any ideas?
    Also, I am not seeing the Feed Links widget, where can I download that? And, is there anyway to edit the Contact Info at the bottom of the page without having to modify the actual template?


  • Leland

    Deuce, on the 404.php template, remove the following code:

    <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

    Which should clear up that error. That’s not supposed to be there. I’ll update this in the download shortly.

    Also for the Feed Links widget, you should see it as an available widget on the Widgets page. There’s not supposed to be anything extra to download.

    To edit the contact info, you’d just have to override that in the respective footer widget area with a text widget containing all the relevant contact info.

  • Nicolas TAFFOREAU

    Hi LeLand !

    Nice theme, and it’s valid CSS and XHTML (if we turn it on “XHTML 1.0 Transitional”.
    Great work thank you verry much.


  • Sebastian

    Hi Leland, great theme. I got one question. How can i change the button-color in the “recent articles” area in standart and rollover style? I can`t find the right parameter :-(



  • peter

    Sorry, correction: :)

    Gorgeous theme, just image floats don’t work properly, please replace in style.css (about line 179):

    img.float-right { margin: 5px 0px 10px 10px; }

    img.float-left { margin: 5px 10px 10px 0px; }

    img.alignright {
    margin:0 0 10px 10px; }
    img.alignleft {
    margin:0 10px 10px 0; }

  • Anna ‘Relle

    Thanks for that fix, Peter.
    A word to the less apt with CSS, though, make sure the fix goes into the right place. it’s under *images, not any other heading (or wacky things happen).

    And thank you for an absolutely gorgeous theme, Leland!

  • Autumn

    I just made a post but noticed that my post image and featured image option was gone. As far as I know I didn’t change anything. (I’m a noob, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question) How do I get that back so I don’t always have the leaf on there?

    • Leland

      So the custom write panel (pictured here) just disappeared? Really not sure what to tell you, that shouldn’t happen.

  • jonvdveen


    Great theme. Using it for my friend’s website.

    Just so you know, the downloadable .zip file at is incomplete. It only contains about 5 files & folders at the root level. Glad that I happened upon this site!

    All the best!

    • Leland

      Styleshout created the original XHTML/CSS template, which is what is for download there.

      I ported it to WordPress which is available here at Theme Lab.

      Sorry for the confusion.

  • jonvdveen


    Quick question: I’m still somewhat new to WP, is there a way for me to show submenu items on the top nav bar?

  • fontie

    Hy Leland,

    how to limit the post for show in first page ?

    • Leland

      Just edit the amount of posts displayed on your “Reading Settings” page.

  • TomA

    Hi !

    I really love this theme ! I’m going to use it for a school project :)
    I’m french so could you send me the .psd of “ribbon.png” ? I’d like to change the text on the picture ;)

    Thanks for your work.

    • Leland

      Sorry, I don’t have it. You would have to contact to see if they have it (who originally designed the template).

  • TomA

    Ok. Thanks ;)

  • AnthingAnthony

    Great theme! I was playing around with it and noticed that the images on the recent posts come up broken… Any ideas? I did upload them directly through wordpress….also I’m using XAMPP at the moment.


    • Leland

      It must be an issue with TimThumb compatibility. Do you have the GD library installed? Most web hosts have it already but not sure how exactly to get it working with XAMPP.

  • Peter

    a few more things…though i fixed the image float issue, i just discovered that if you use image caption, the left/right image alignment stops working and the image is sitting on the top of text….does anyone have a fix? also, because the default text editor produces XHTML 1.0 Strict invalid code, i recommend changing the declaration in the header.php from:


    until the strict.dtd is supported by the editor…

  • Peter

    Are you thinking about upgrading this awesome theme to 3.
    0? The feature I’m looking for is drop-down menu compatibility…that would be nice….
    If not, I will do it myself when I find the time and post changes here.

  • Billy Jarvy

    I love your theme….It looks perfect with the rest of my marketing design (ie: my logo and buss. cards)…so thank you for such an awesome theme. However, i am aving one small problem. The pictuce on the home page that is to the left of the 1 post that is ‘featured” was originally a picture of a gold leaf. I just replaced that leaf with my logo and kept it named the same as the original “img-featured.jpg” that way i did not have to chane any of the “php” templates. this works perfet in Firefox and chrome……but in IE8 it doe not show the picture. I made sure that the size of the jpg was the same as the original…..but still no luck in IE….and it is amazing to me…how many people use IE intstead of Firefox or Chrome…..I am in the business of fixing peoples home computers and most people do not even know about the other browsers.
    Thank you in advance for any possible help you could give me on this problem.

  • Earnie

    Leland, any tips for how to remove the “featured” styling, and simply list all post in descending order from newest to old? I’m not to familiar with the PHP and WordPress functions to be confident enough to manipulate your theme. Other than that, the rest of my site looks great with this theme!