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Internet Hosting – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have a very cool free WordPress theme, originally designed by Solucija and ported into WordPress by me. As you can probably tell from the screenshot and live demo, this isn’t your usual WordPress theme. There are 4 widgetized areas in this theme, 3 of which are located on the homepage template. I’ll go over how to use these and other features after the jump.

Internet Hosting screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now onto the rest of the features in depth…

Widgetized Areas

Like I mentioned above, there are 4 widgetized areas in the Internet Hosting theme. Along with one widgetized area on the sidebar, there are also 3 on the homepage template. The following diagram will illustrate where exactly these widgetized areas are located on the theme.

Internet Hosting Widgets

Most of these widgetized areas were designed for text widgets only. Although perhaps in the “Home Thirds” area or sidebar, other types of widgets may be appropriate.

Featured Post

On the homepage, your latest blog post is displayed. To set up a custom thumbnail image, you’ll have to use the “home_thumb” custom field key with the full path of the image as the value. You would set it up like this on your custom field menu.

Internet Hosting Custom Fields

Special Offer

The “special offer” button text can be edited in a file called specialoffer.php. There is a little bit of HTML code in there, but hopefully it’s easy enough to understand. The text will need to be displayed in a similar manner for the rest of the layout below to look normal.

Internet Hosting Special Offer


In the top navigation is a “Home” link, then a list of categories, then a list of pages. I would suggest you create a single category named “Blog” to have your blog posts listed. Then make series of pages with your “Hosting Plans” or whatever you plan to use this theme for.


The blogroll area of the theme (links with the green background on the sidebar) are all listed there in an uncategorized format. You can use the blogroll to point to external websites, or other pages located on your own site.

Other Notes

Like our last Solucija theme, this theme is not for everybody.

Why did I leave these features out? Because I felt this was more of a “CMS theme” and not a blogging theme, and therefore weren’t necessary.


Compared to overall response I get on blogging themes versus more CMS-oriented themes, it seems most people enjoy the CMS themes more. Is this a correct assumption?

If you have any problems with the theme, feel free to leave a comment or post in the forums, and I’ll see if I can help out.

Please let me know what you think in the comments, I’d really appreciate it. Hope you like the theme!