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Icey Blue WordPress Theme Review

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I came across YummThemes the other day, and I’ll be honest with you, I actually thought it was a joke. No theme demos or screenshots, just a big bag of money, a promise of getting a “shit load of money” shot at me with a “very big gun” and an email newsletter signup form. Reluctantly, I signed up to the newsletter out of curiosity.

A couple days later, they sent everyone a free theme to everyone on their newsletter. I was impressed by the screenshot of the theme, and with some questions surrounding their legitimacy, I decided to give this theme a try and post the results in a review post.

Icey Blue Screenshot

And now onto the rest of the review…

Setting It Up

After installing and activating the theme, you should get something like this.

Icey Blue Setting Up

The first thing I noticed was there was a fat footer that was noticeably empty. Same thing with the blue sidebar are below the “Join Our RSS” button. Good thing is, these are widgetized areas, and you can add to them later.

Widget Areas

There are three widgetized areas in this theme. One in the sidebar, and two in the footer (left and right). You will probably need to add at least one widget to each of the three widget areas so the theme won’t look “empty.”

I added the following widgets to the widget areas in the screenshot below.

Icey Blue Widgets

To get an idea of what they look like and where they show up on a live site, here’s what I got below.

Icey Blue Widgetized

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to fill up the widget areas with appropriate widgets in this theme, especially in WordPress 2.8. This doesn’t make the theme “broken” although it may be nice to have some defaults assigned if there are no widgets active.

Theme Options

This theme options page is pretty sad, although there’s really not much you would need to configure with a standard blog-style theme like this anyway.

Icey Blue Theme Options

Basically this page lets you input specific page ID’s to include in the navigation menus. There is a small typo though. The “Top Menu” (where it has a link to Uncategorized in the screenshot above) is for categories, not pages. Instead of page IDs, you would input the category IDs you’d want to include instead.

Unless you have an insane amount of pages and/or categories, you probably won’t need to use this theme options page at all. I think if anything, it would probably make more sense to have an option to exclude links, rather than include them.


If you want this theme, I would suggest signing up to their newsletter ASAP. Not sure if they are nearing the cap or not. It’s free to join and they might share the download link again. It is supposed to be a paid theme, although I guess this is just one of the pre-launch goodies for subscribers. It really can’t hurt to sign up to their newsletter.

I know these new kids on the block caused quite a stir on the interwebs with their silly marketing tactics, although in the end, who cares? If they can get people talking, and provide quality themes that people are willing to pay for, I’d say that’s a job well done.

Will you be signing up to their newsletter (if you haven’t already) or has this “debacle” completely turned you off to any future YummThemes? Do you think this whole “debacle” is ridiculously overblown? Remember people, we’re talking about WordPress themes.

  • Kieran

    Thanks for the review! :)

    I rushed this theme out to the email list as more of a beta than anything – I mean, they’re getting it for free! ;)

    The final release will include a beefier cpanel with a dozen more options and a general host of improvements in response to user feedback.

    The theme will be made available one more time before launch to the email list, so yeah, get on that now if you want it (and more freebies). We’re at 893/1000 as I type this.

  • Leland

    @Kieran: No problem.

    Yeah, I understand this wasn’t the final version, but it’s nice to know you will be beefing up the theme options page. Seems to be a requirement among “premium” themes nowadays.

    Thanks for the update on the email list count.

    If anyone is reading this and wants the theme, that means you still have a chance to get it for free, just sign up now.