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Ice Breaker – Free WordPress Domain Parking Theme

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Ice Breaker is a free WordPress domain parking theme that I just released over at Custom Theme. It has four different color options, custom widgets, among other interesting features.

I know this isn’t the typical WordPress theme you see around here, mainly because it’s not made for content. The main purpose of this theme is to have a page up while your blog is in the planning stages, and collect subscribers at the same time.

The idea behind the theme is inspired by Ian Stewart’s LaunchPad theme which is another “domain parking” theme for WordPress.

Ice Breaker Screenshot

Head on over to Ice Breaker WordPress theme page to download, and leave your feedback in the release post. I’d be very interested in hearing your feedback.


Leland Fiegel was the original founder of ThemeLab. He is a web developer who loves WordPress and blogging.

  • Ahmed

    The idea new Ilove the theme

    Good work

  • Zipo

    What a great contribution. This page alone puts you in a visually appealing holding pattern. Who wouldn’t sign up? ?

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  • Cheap Sites

    Awesome work, wordpress ROCKS!

  • Leland

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad you all like it.

  • Zipo

    Very nice interview over at

    I am out of my element here. I don’t come with credentials. xD

  • Alison

    Lovely template, perfect for the site I’m planning on launching soon … but I can’t for the life of me work out how to get the email subscription to work! I’ve got the feedburner details, think I’ve put them in right but it still says email service is not active!

  • Leland

    @Alison: Still need to finish writing that complete FeedBurner signup tutorial.

    Short version: Go to the “Publicize” tab in your FeedBurner account → Click “Email Subscriptions” in the left menu under Services → Activate email subscriptions.

    Should be all you need to do after you’ve burned your feed.