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I Can Also Right – Showcase Site

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I came across a blog the other day and was surprised to see a credit link to Theme Lab in the footer. After looking at the source, I soon realized that this blog was using the Inverted Headline theme, available for free here at Theme Lab. Anyway, I Can Also Right is a design blog authored by Tim Benzinger. It looks like it has some really interesting stuff, if you’re into design.

Inverted Headline - I Can Also Right

As you can see, you can do some pretty amazing things just by customizing existing free WP themes. If you have a blog using a highly customized version of one of our free WordPress themes, feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can include you in an upcoming showcase post.

  • Pavel Ciorici

    I imagine your reaction: “I never have created such a theme” :))

  • DemusDesign

    Wow. Nice find Leland. I must say that is one stunning mod of a very simple template. Major kudos to I Can Also Right. I must say, seeing customizations of my templates like this is the most rewarding thing about designing free templates. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Leland

    Thanks for the comments…and forgot to mention, DemusDesign is actually the original designer of the Inverted Headline template.


    That is good to hear. Leland, how much time does it take to you to design and code a theme form scratch?

  • WordPress Modder


    I’m always happy to hear of the usage of your themes. You are providing a great service to the community!