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Guzel Magazine WordPress Theme Review

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I recently came across this awesome looking magazine theme and I thought I would share it with all of you in a review. It’s called Guzel Magazine, created by Custom Theme Design. I’ll be going over how to set it up and other features.

Guzel Magazine

And now onto the review…

Setting Up

After uploading and activating the theme, you’ll probably have a pretty empty looking front page, even if you have lots of existing content. To fix this, you’ll need to open up your file in the theme editor. This is where a number of theme settings are stored. Option 1 controls which categories are displayed on the top tabs on the homepage.

$cat1 = 1;
$cat2 = 3;
$cat3 = 4;
$cat4 = 5;
$cat5 = 6;
$cat6 = 9;

Replace the numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 with your actual category ID numbers.

To change the categories on the left and right columns on the homepage below, you’ll need to scroll down to option 5 and 6. You’ll need to replace the category ID numbers in a similar fashion.

$leftcolumn_category_1 = 17;
$leftcolumn_category_1_postsnum = 3;
$leftcolumn_category_2 = 18;
$leftcolumn_category_2_postsnum = 2;

There are a few other things that can be edited in this file, including:

  • Featured excerpt length
  • Amount of items in the “popular” tabs to the right
  • FeedBurner information (ID, blog title, and location)
  • Post excerpt length (for bottom columns)
  • Video category ID number

Set the Language

This theme has 2 built in languages, English and Spanish. If you plan on creating a Spanish blog, you can change that on the theme options page.

Guzel Language

You may notice some strange code in place of where you would expect to see words in the theme files. If you want to edit any language of the theme, it can be edited with a text editor. The language files are located in the /lang/ directory. Since these files are located in a subdirectory, they can’t be edited in the theme editor.


One of the features in this theme is automatic thumbnail support for stories. All you have to do is upload the image on your post, and the thumbnail is set. This is handled by WordPress’ built in image resizer. It’s recommended by the developers of the theme to use 135 width and 100 height, cropping to those exact dimensions. These settings can be configured on the “Miscellaneous” settings page.


Like the Arthemia theme, Guzel doesn’t make much use of the theme options page. It would certainly be nice if the page was somehow integrated in the options page, instead of just language settings. I do like how the thumbnails are supported, as no extra custom fields are needed.

All in all, this is a very good looking magazine theme, one that I would almost expect to be considered “premium.”

I hope you enjoyed the review, and if you have any suggestions on which theme I should review next, I’d love to hear them.

  • Ahmad

    Let me thank you first for your review. In fact, guzel magazine was upgraded far beyond that version. The new features that were added can be seen in Guzel Pro 3.

    There is not any more editing of All control of categories on tabs, on front page can be done via a control panel directly thru the dashboard.

    So i invite you to see the updated post:

  • Leland

    Hey Ahmad, thanks for the quick response. Wow, I wish I knew there was a newer version out before I wrote this review.

    Anyway, I downloaded it just today from the following page:

    And also, thanks for making such an amazing theme free. Like I said in the review, I’m surprised it’s not a paid theme.


    Nice theme :)

  • Christopher Ross

    Too bad the setup wasn’t programmed into theme options. Otherwise, this is a great theme.

    • Ahmad

      The Guzel Pro has all options programmed in control panel. Please have a look.. :)

  • Susan

    It’s a great theme, especially for being free!

  • Pete

    As mentioned before there is now the ‘pro’ version of Guzel that has everything configurable by an options page. It is simply an awesome theme and so easy to configure… and for free!

    Other developers charge big bucks for a theme not half as good as this and they make you fiddle around with the raw code as well.

    This has put every ‘premium’ theme developer on notice now that this is how it should be done, let alone for free!

    The developer is also very accommodating in his support and keen to develop the Guzel theme some more.

  • IndieLab

    Another great find Leland, and “Hats Off!” to the Ahmad for providing this theme for free:)

  • Italiano

    Really, I very like this theme and I started translate to portughese in this moment.

    You can see this new layout on my blog in one or two months because I stay prepar the new contents and my old contents.


  • ozzky

    great review about the theme.. thanks for sharing it..

  • watz

    The options page is not working in the 2.7.1

  • dvopilgrim

    When I activate Deluxe Themes Library, I get the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare do_excerpt() (previously declared in /home/content/d/v/o/dvopilgrim/html/doctrine/wp-content/themes/guzel-pro/functions.php:40) in /home/content/d/v/o/dvopilgrim/html/doctrine/wp-content/plugins/deluxethemes-library.php on line 25

    Also, my home page has these errors:

    Thanks for a great theme and any help you could provide.

  • frymark

    I cant see my control panel in dashboard? how come ?

  • Andre Loibl

    Maybe I’m just blind, but I don’t find the options panel!!! No where. I just downloaded the theme today – and again frim the link above, but no options panel – can you help me?! ;-)

    Thank you very much!! :-))


  • Ahmad

    I apologize to all of you, I am going to release a brand new control panel that’s why i took it off the current release. Please accept my apologies. Later today or tomorrow i will release a new version with many options.

  • Ahmad

    Ok, the new guzel is ready. See demo here

    Not a lot of visual changes, but a whole new control panel framework, and the red carpet’s language maker/editor was built in this one. Download from main site. Thanks! :)

  • Leland

    @Ahmad: Thanks for the update.

  • Guru

    The last link is broken ? Any idea where can i get this theme ?


  • daos

    Ahmed created it for free and then he regretted it.
    He was not giving any support unlike other free theme developers. Guzel pro has no control panel. I guess he created it purpose to make profit later on when he released it for 19 $
    I woldnt say its a great theme.. theres many great ones out there.. Guzel is very simple