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Green Shade – Free PSD Download

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We just presented the winner of theme battle #1, and as promised, here is the loser. Green Shade is a nice looking, two column blog design with threaded comments, designed by Anto. It was designed with WordPress in mind, although it could probably be used for a number of different CMS’s, once coded.

Green Shade

Remember, this is an uncoded PSD and not a functional WordPress theme. Since this is a losing theme battle theme, as noted on the theme battles page, I will not be coding it. I also won’t be offering any support with it, so it’s provided as-is. You can do whatever you want with it though. Download it, practice your coding skills, use it on your sites, whatever.

  • Keith

    God my layers are nowhere near as neat as that :O

  • Leland

    @Keith: Yeah, lol. Anto tends to be very organized. :P

  • Keith

    I try to keep mine organized, but jeezo :lol:

  • Dan Butcher

    Thanks for posting the PSD. I’m actually more excited about getting this file than the winning, coded theme, because there are lots of themes to look at and study to learn coding, but it’s harder to come by design files to see how someone puts together a theme mockup in Photoshop. I’m definitely an amateur when it comes to Photoshop, so I know I’ll learn from examining all the layers of this file.

  • Leland

    @Dan: You’re welcome! This is actually the first “PSD only” release here, so I’m glad to hear you’re getting some use out of it.

  • Anto

    If people receive an email for this because they are subscribed then good =).

    Added a few gradients and stuff to this, i know it was a long time ago, but i was just bored and playing around for fun.


    All for fun. Download if you like.