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  • tyronebcookin

    Love it! Thanks a lot! Come check me out and see how I used it…

  • Leland

    Looks good! Thanks for letting me know.

  • http://quicksweb,net/

    The theme is fine, I do see a flaw though.

    If not signed in and select a post, the side bars drop to under the post.

    If signed in, all works as normal.

  • http://quicksweb,net/

    It seems that your theme works fine, it could be my riffly audio comments causing this, but it doesn’t do it with other themes i have.

    Was a little stumped as to why.

  • http://quicksweb,net/

    I resolved my issue, in single.php, I dropped the get_sidebar to after the divider, right after main column ends.

    All works as should now.

    Thanks for the theme.

  • Kelvin

    You wouldn’t happen to know how to edit the “About me” Area would you, and get rid of the options on the bottom right that I don’t want on the public site? I tried posting to the forum but no responses… Thks.