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WP Monochrome – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have yet another free CSS template from Rambling Soul – ported into WordPress by yours truly. This free WordPress theme has some especially interesting features in addition to being widget-ready. A dynamic tabbed navigation menu is visible on the homepage, with a featured post from a category you select. I’ll get into detail with that later in the post.

WP Monochrome Screenshot
Live Demo | Download

Now onto the features…

The first thing you might notice on the theme is the featured post with the thumbnail image in that dynamic tab menu. The first step is to navigate to the Monochrome Options page under the Presentation menu in your WordPress administration panel and select the category you want to be your Featured category. It can be named anything you want, but we’ll call it “Featured” in the following example:

Monochrome Options

As you can see, it’s as simple as selecting the category of your choice through a dropdown menu. The category you choose will have its latest post displayed on the homepage at all times. It will also be excluded from the list of categories. Posts in your featured category can still be apart of other categories as well, they just won’t be displayed on the homepage.

For an image to be placed to the left of your featured post at the top, you’ll need to upload it to the /wp-content/themes/wp-monochrome/featured/ directory. You can also do this within WordPress, like so:

Monochrome Upload

Make sure the box that organizes the uploads into month/year based folders is unchecked. The next step is to use a custom field in your featured post to use the image on the homepage. The custom field key is featured_image and the name of your image (as saved in the /wp-monochrome/featured/ directory will be the value.

Monochrome Custom Fields

If uploaded through WordPress, you don’t have to send to the editor at this point (unless you want to include it later in your post body). Feel free to share or comment if you like this free WordPress theme! All support related questions should go in the WP Monochrome support forum.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (04/17/2008): If you are using this theme and have problems with pagination, please download again and overwrite the following files: index.php, header.php, footer.php, and style.css (for sidebar list item height issues).

  • sam

    I have problem with the “sub cat” in the side bar…
    I m using the french version of WordPress 2.7.
    Is there a solution ?

  • GB

    Hem, can you fix the download URL of the fix? It’s a broken link, thanks Ilove this theme :D

  • GB

    Hey, I love this theme but the “fix” link is bronekn, can you re-upload or fix it? Thanks!! :D

  • Leland

    @sam: Sorry it took so long to respond, however your test site seems to be down now.

    @GB: Try this link:

    • GB

      Hey thanks!! and sorry for the double post D:

  • Kim

    Leland, Please advise. Unlike your very first image on this page, I’m unable to get text to wrap around an image within my blog (page – FAQ). Please advise whether there is a reason the text will not wrap around an image. I am using wordpress 2.8.4.

    Many thanks.

  • Gina

    Love this theme. Can someone tell me why I can’t have the additional pages for a parent file to show as a drop-down?

    • Leland

      Gina, the theme currently doesn’t support that.