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WP Imagination – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we’re proud to release this beautiful free WordPress theme, ported from the “Imagination” template by Rambling Soul. It features a separate homepage for the latest posts and space for “asides” or quick notes. Live demo is available here. Download it here. Screenshot is below.

WP Imagination Screenshot

This theme is packed with features, including an options page where you can do the following:

  • Set the category for “asides”
  • Choose how many asides to display
  • Set how many content posts to display on the homepage
  • Set how many What’s New? posts to display on homepage

The category you choose for asides will be excluded from category lists on the blog. There’s a screenshot of this options page below.

WP Imagination Options Screenshot

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any requests from their selection of free CSS templates be sure to leave a comment.

  • icy1

    looks great

  • Missy

    Does it also use a Flickr plugin? Or what is that in the live demo, towards the bottom of theme.

    Looks lovely, i quite like it.


  • Leland

    @Missy: At the moment they’re just static images. If you want Flickr functionality I’d recommend using the plugin available here:

  • ramblingsoul


  • Jaki

    After searching over many hours for a quality theme I found this one, love it.
    My rookie question is how do I remove the “i” in the title header section?? It doesn’t appear to be an image.

  • Leland

    In the header file, find this: <span><a href="<?php echo get_option('home'); ?>">I</a></span> …and remove it. Also I need to ask all future support questions like this be asked in the WP Imagination support forum. Thanks.

  • perthmetro

    How would you alter the template code to include the Flicker image gallery at the bottom?

    Or how else could we easily change the images by using the WP admin interface?


  • Leland

    @perthmetro: At the moment they’re just hardcoded images in the footer.php file. They’ll have to be edited manually or you could use the FlickrRSS plugin (same thing used on Transmission) for Flickr integration.

  • perthmetro

    Hi Leland I understand that, but back to my qu… how would it be integrated? Surely you would have to do more than just install and activate the plugin?

    Or does the plugin in tell me how to do this?

  • Leland

    Yes you’re right, there should be a template tag to use. Try installing the plugin and copying this over where the current images are:

    <?php if (function_exists('get_flickrRSS')) { get_flickrRSS(); } ?>

    I do the function_exists part so your theme doesn’t break when you don’t have the plugin activated.

  • perthmetro

    Thanks heaps, i’m gonna try this template and the flicker thing out.

    Oh PS., you’re a WP theme god/guru/machine/hero

    and I love you tutorials too.

  • MS

    I love this theme, but there’s a Major problem with it (I think). The pages look very weird when looking at them when you’re signed out. I almost used it on my site, until I saw that. I hope it will be fixed and updated. Please email me if you do (m i k e at m i x s t a r dot com)

    Thank you in advance!

  • MacTeP

    Very nice theme I will use it.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Online hry


  • kimi

    Looks great!

  • WordPress Guru

    awesome! thanks..

  • Eric Shafer
  • john

    Am I missing something? I’ve installed the Imagination 1.0 theme but there is no rss feed being generated????