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Tech Blue – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have another free WordPress theme with the word “blue” in it. The design itself was created by our friends over at Hive Designs and ported into WordPress by us. You can see the demo here. Download it here. Screenshot of the theme is below.

Tech Blue Screenshot

This one has a few interesting features. On the top navigation menu, there really isn’t much room for a lot of page links, so we created an options page called Tech Blue Options, accessible through the admin panel under the Presentation tab. Here you can exclude pages you don’t want, and order them by title, ID number, or page order. Below is a screenshot of what this page looks like.

Tech Blue theme options
Click to enlarge.

  • Greg

    Great theme, thanks! I’ve just downloaded it and I’m thinking about using it on my next tech blog after a little tweaking. The blue is very pleasing to the eyes and has a sort of calming effect.

  • SpaceTip

    Fabulous one, neat and pretty! I have applied it to my blog after I made some optimizations for Chinese display, blockquote highlight, layout rearrangement and plugin support. I am going to share my revised tech-blue version with the visitors because I love this theme so much!

  • Fred

    I am loving your theme. I have it loaded on the site above. How do I add and RSS fee?

  • FrankZ

    Nice. Simply clean and dandy. I will apply it on my blog after I make changes on the header and layout.

  • Fail Blog

    Sorry this isn’t a question or comment about the Tech Blue theme, but what plugin/code did you use to get those social media icons underneath your posts. I would like to integrate that into my site. Thanks!

    • Leland

      You mean with Digg, Twitter, etc.? I may save that for a future post.

  • Fail Blog

    Did you decide if you were going to make a new post for the social buttons?