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WP Stylish – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have another one of our special releases, this time thanks to We ported their “Stylish” template into WordPress, previously unreleased to the public until today. Check out the demo here and download it here. You can see the screenshot below.

WP Stylish Screenshot

If you have any requests from their free templates page feel free to comment below.

  • Len

    There is an error in your download link. It has a ” behind .zip

  • Leland

    Oops…thanks for the heads up. It has been fixed.

  • Anto

    Pretty sweet design. A little to much detail for my liking, but still good. And their preview system for their themes dont work :P Well for the old themes anyway.

    But errm, would you be releasing the wordpress theme you have running on your blog now? At any stage..

  • Leland

    Thanks for the comment Anto. And are you talking about the theme currently on Probably not for a long time if ever.

  • http://null Anto

    Yea i was talking about that. But ok i guess :D

  • bardo

    This is a really nice theme, almost what I was looking for! Now, if only it was liquid… well, I’ll dig the code myself ;)
    Too bad it seems to screw up with WP 2.5…

  • Leland

    @bardo: What exactly is the problem with WP 2.5? The reason why it sort of looked screwy in the demo is because of the subpages. If you set the depth to 1 it fixes that.

  • bardo

    Thanks for your reply, Leland. I thought everybody was experiencing this, but it seems it’s only on my blog. I’m not keeping the theme up for obvious reasons, but here’s some screenshots of the homepage:
    Firefox 3.0beta5:
    Kazehakase 0.5.4 (gecko-based):
    Opera 9.50:

    After the header and the sidebar the posts appear, this way:
    It feels like there’s a div a bit too large that screws up the fixed layout…

  • Leland

    @bardo: I understand. It looks like you may have too many categories listed at the top there…causing everything to break. Thanks for reporting this, I’ll look into it.

  • Junior

    Thanks for your great effort and sharing!
    I’m now switching blogger to wordpress and intended to use your themes. The problem is the comment in the post is not working. let me know how to fix this problem as I am low CSS and XML skills.

  • Leland

    @Junior: What about the comments would you want to change?

    • Don Thomas

      The Comment button on this theme is not functional from the main page. Without this working, this theme is useless.

      However it looks very nice.