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Emerald – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have a great looking theme, designed by Anto. I took the design, coded it in XHTML/CSS and ported it to WordPress. This is just a normal blog layout with a widget-ready sidebar, Gravatar support on the comments, and WordPress tag support. You’ll also notice a “New Post” graphic on the latest post in the main index.

Emerald screenshot
Live Demo | Download

  • Anto

    Very nice port Leland.

    Thanks alot =), Good man.

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    Great theme :)

  • Anto

    This was all Leland =D

    Oh and btw, why the hell does it say 3 comments up in here, as to when i post this is will say 4, when its really 3 :/ Leland?

  • Aguair

    And for scientific confirmation; Yes, I’m having Anto’s problem as well.

    And might I say, Well done to you, Anto, for a lovely design, and Leland for keeping them coming!


  • Leland

    It’s actually the responses (comments and trackbacks) because of the ping below.

    Thanks for the comments!

  • Dan

    Nice theme Anto and Leland.
    Have it my blog.

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