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  • Bryon Cannon

    This is a great theme; I’m using it at my writing blog. Is it compatible with WordPress 2.5?

  • Leland

    @Bryon: It should be compatible with 2.5

  • Skofo

    WP-Polls doesn’t seem to work with your theme. Can you tell me how to fix it?

  • Leland

    Hi there, this is because the header and footer hooks are missing in this theme. Please add the following code before your closing </head> tag:

    <php wp_head(); ?>

    And the following before your closing </body> tag:

    <php wp_footer(); ?>

    More detailed information can be found on this post: 5 Quick Ways to Fix Up Your WordPress Theme

  • Skofo

    Thanks! :D

  • sAm

    Is there any update of this theme?
    Or maybe a new version 2.0?
    Or if anybody know how can i use the categories.php in the theme for useing a ticker?

    Thanks a lot…this is a great Theme