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Compact – Free WordPress Theme

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Here we have a very nice looking one column WordPress theme, originally designed by It is quite a compact download, taking up no more than 16 KiB. There isn’t any sidebar or footer space, so therefore no widgets. Hopefully it will be useful to those looking for a theme without many bells and whistles. You may need to exclude some pages from the top list in case it overflows.

Compact WordPress Theme Screenshot
Live Demo | Download

  • Free CSS Templates

    Awesome, thanks for the port leland/ =)

  • CBM

    Is it possible to increase the font size? Nice, simple theme, btw.

  • Leland

    No problem Sean, my pleasure.

    @CBM, sure it’s possible through a little CSS edit. Are you talking about the main content body?

  • CBM

    Hi Leland, yes, the main content body.

  • Leland

    body {
    background: #621935 url(images/bg.jpg) fixed repeat-x;
    font: 11px/1.6 Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    That’s near the top of the style.css file. Try increasing the numbers next to font: slightly and see if that helps.

  • CBM

    That’s it, it works, thank you Leland!

  • Anonymous Alcoholic

    Lots of great themes here! This one is almost too simple for me though.

  • lsd

    Very minimal and yet eye catching theme. Great work.

  • Leland

    @CBM: Glad it worked!

    Thanks for commenting.

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  • dub

    I would love to have this exact theme but with a right sidebar.. is there one around or can i add a sidebar?

    I have looked on the we and found only how to add additional sidebars but not how to add a sidebar to a theme that has none.

    any help would be appreciated..