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Commercial WordPress Theme Directory Launches

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It was just announced yesterday that the official commercially supported theme page has been launched on Right now each of the sites listed there are rotated, so there’s an equal chance of any of the sites being displayed at the top. If you have a commercially supported theme site, here’s how to get listed:

  • Distribute 100% GPL themes, including artwork and CSS.
  • Have professional support options, and optionally customization.
  • Your site should be complete, well-designed, up to date, and professional looking.
  • Include a haiku about yourself to be included.

Not really sure what haiku is for, although I’m looking forward to see what these commercial theme developers can come up with their Haiku writing skills.

I think this is great news because it encourages commercial theme developers to adopt a “100% GPL compatible” license. Even though PHP in WordPress themes must be GPL, and artwork and CSS don’t, a pure PHP theme (without graphics or stying) would be pretty much useless to most end users.

I really hope this is the final word on commercial themes and the GPL, although I’m sure we can still find something to argue about, right?

And on the topic of commercially supported WordPress products, I’m wondering if there’s any similar commercial plugins page in the works, or do plugin authors still get no love?


Leland Fiegel was the original founder of ThemeLab. He is a web developer who loves WordPress and blogging.

  • Chronic

    I think coming up with a haiku would be more difficult thant developing a great theme or plugin.

    Excellent article btw. I read through a ton of posts on this subject and this article made the most sense.

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  • Xyclops Software

    My work comes from people seeing that I have designed a good-looking theme and asking me to develop something for them.

    I get paid for the hours I put in developing the theme.

    How, under a GPL licence which would let people add a ‘theme designed by‘ would this help me get repeat business? It doesn’t. It means that other theme developers can claim they designed my theme, and use this as an online portfolio to get repeat work from the work that I have done.

    Once a WordPress theme is out there, it is trivial to reproduce regardless of the licence – it’s all text-reader-readable anyway, so I guess if somebody wants to change the text saying that I designed the theme, then they can. It’s just that the GPL makes this legal, which is baffling.


    You stole my client
    by claiming my theme was yours
    That hardly seems fair

  • Lazza

    so I guess if somebody wants to change the text saying that I designed the theme, then they can. It’s just that the GPL makes this legal, which is baffling.

    Funny that in five years nobody told you this is completely wrong. GPL forces attribution, if they don’t give you credit but pretend to be the original authors, then they are violating the copyleft license.