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ClearPixels – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have another excellent template designed by Rambling Soul, and ported into WordPress by me. This free WordPress theme has all the usual features – widgetized sidebar, native Gravatar (WordPress 2.5 and above only) and tagging support. Along with those, there is also a theme options page, details of which will be gone over below.

ClearPixels Theme Screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now onto the details of the theme options page…

Theme Options Page

Below is a screenshot of the theme options page available in the ClearPixels theme, along with an explanation of specific features.

ClearPixels Options

On the left is Page List Output, and the right is the Announcement input area.

Page List Output

The theme options page can control the upper page navigation list output. If you have too many pages than the theme design can accommodate, it’s easy to exclude them from the list. You can also order the pages alphabetically, by page order, or date published.

Sitewide Announcement

The announcement text you see on the demo is also controlled on this theme options page. You can write whatever text you want, and have it displayed on your blog – sitewide. This could come in handy if you have an important announcement or message you’d like to get across to your readers. There is also an optional “Read More” URL input box in case you want to link to something.

  • Pavel Ciorici

    Very nice menu and sidebar ;)

  • Leland

    Well that had to be the quickest comment I’ve ever had after publishing a post. :D

    Thanks for the comment, Pavel. I’d have to agree with you there about the menu and sidebar.

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  • e okul

    thanks. good theme

  • professional icons

    Good Theme. Thanks

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  • libretto

    Here is a french translation :
    Thanks for the good work.

  • Leland

    @libretto: Thanks for the translation. ;)

  • Matt

    I have MANY subpages and they still show up on the header and I don’t have option to not show them in Page List Output. Is there a way not to show these pages?

  • Leland

    @Matt: The page list depth is already set at 1. They shouldn’t show up anyway.

  • Matt

    wow, the first time I loaded it, all the subpages showed. I reinstalled it and their doesn’t seem to be a problem. Thanks

  • Leland

    @Matt: Hmm…strange. Anyhow, glad you got it working.

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  • Sky-mine

    hey. Any mores?

  • Sky-mine

    Nice Theme. Thanks

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  • autworld

    great work, very clean and nce menu.

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  • Matt

    for some reason the theme stopped loading properly on my blog, take a look, the background isn’t right

  • Leland

    @Matt: Not sure what happened. It seems you changed the theme already.

  • willy

    great design. waiting your new theme.

  • ascerb

    I like such themes! It’s great

    But it’s a pity, that Internet Explorer can’t work correctly with transparency of PNG’s

  • webnatin

    thanks for the free theme it’s very nice.

  • Shah Khan

    Very nice theme, thanks alot :)

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  • hayaya

    Thanks for sharing,good theme.

  • Nick

    Really nice theme. Just beautiful- great work. It took my wacky table sizes and somehow
    made them look polished and perfect!

  • Smithson

    Quick Question…

    Could someone let me know how to change the default text size of the posts with this template?

    Full noob question I know…but any help much appreciated :-)

    Awesome template!

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  • Peter


    lasciatelo li dov’è io lo tenuto per 2 mesi e ho risocntrato una marea di problemi. La sidebar non si poteva togliere perchè dopo si accavallava il footer con l’ heder, la sidebar non si poteva spostare, se carichi un’ avatar tramite plugins lui non la carica, inpossibilità di attivare plugins che conprendono tinymce (es: simplepressforum, MCE Comments ecc…), praticamente lo stile non è uno che si adatta facilmente alle proprie esigenze


    It them where it is I will held for 2 months and I risocntrato a flood of problems. The sidebar could not be because after you remove the footer with the accavallava heder, the sidebar could not be move, if loads an Avatar through plugins him not the Office, inpossibilità to activate plugins that cover tinymce (e.g.: simplepressforum, MCE comments etc….), practically the style is not one that adapts easily to their want
    Sorry for my bad english are italian