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Child Themes, Coming to a Theme Directory Near You

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Late last year, I asked whether child themes should be listed on Today at WordCamp Savannah, Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) announced that he would be releasing a couple of his old blog designs as free WordPress themes in the theme directory.

One of the sentences in Matt’s announcement post caught my eye.

The second theme, Mazeld, is actually the last from-scratch original design I did here on (then and is built as a 2010 child theme.

I downloaded the Mazeld theme from and confirmed it was indeed a Twenty Ten child theme (as the stylesheet has the line “Template: twentyten” present) and tweeted Matt for further clarification.

Themelab child theme question

Photomatt Child Theme Admission


So in conclusion, there has been a child theme sighting on theme directory although judging from Matt’s response, it doesn’t seem to be currently possible to submit them until the installer and UI are fixed.

Hopefully child theme inclusion in the directory will be a reality for theme developers very soon, this is definitely a big step in the right direction.


Leland Fiegel was the original founder of ThemeLab. He is a web developer who loves WordPress and blogging.

  • Andrea_R

    Buddypress child themes off the default have also been allowed in for a while now.

    • Leland

      Thanks for the info, wasn’t aware of that. According to this I guess all you have to do is tag it with “BuddyPress” while submitting.

  • Patrick Daly

    ‘Bout time! This is great news. Let’s just hope that fixing the installer and UI is a quick process. I assume this is all part of the phase, so it’ll likely be coming down the pipeline fairly quickly.

    • Leland

      Yep, let’s hope. Now that I’ve heard BuddyPress child themes are already in the directory, maybe a lot of the functionality and code necessary is already there.

  • paul

    This is great news, I’ll upload some Hybrid child themes when it will be possible

    • Leland

      Sweet, just curious, have you released your Hybrid child themes elsewhere already?

  • Chuck Reynolds

    Hey that’s cool news! That theme directory has been pretty bad for a long time… good to see them working on that in their core code-break

    • Leland

      Hey Chuck, how has the theme directory been “pretty bad” in your opinion? Not arguing, just genuinely curious.

      I’ve heard some complaints about their search leaving something to be desired, as well as complaints on the quality of themes present there.

    • Chuck Reynolds

      Stop Arguing with me!!!!! lol.. j/k man.

      So ‘pretty bad’ essentially referring to the search and the lack of the better themes residing on there. It was useless to me and google was always a better way to find good themes before the “theme houses” started popping up and centralizing them.

      I’m glad the team is taking time to focus on this and other stuff outside of core – MUCH needed :)

  • Cristian

    This is super super duper news! :)

    About frickin’ time for this to happen!