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Brand New Design on Theme Lab

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As you returning website visitors can see, Theme Lab now has a new design. If you’re currently reading via RSS, please take a minute and have a look for yourself. It was designed by, provider of custom quality web 2.0 designs, and coded by coding services.

Why the change? I felt after several months of the same design, it was time for a fresh look. Theme Lab is growing every day and I also wanted more room to “expand” if needed. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Hope you all like it!

  • SE7EN

    Will you release the old theme as free theme?

  • Leland

    @SE7EN: Not quite sure what I’ll do with the old theme at the moment. There’s a lot of graphics in it (top navigation, sidebar headings, header, etc.) so not sure it would be suitable for a free theme. Thanks for the comment.

  • ameo

    this for sure way better , although i liked the former blue theme .. but this one is better

    my only comment , is the black space on the top ..

    it’s empty .. would be better if you used it

  • Leland

    @ameo: Do you have any ad blocking utilities enabled? There’s supposed to be a 468×60 banner up there. Not sure why it would block that and not the other 125×125 ads to the right though. Thanks for commenting!

  • ameo

    no actually i don’t have any ad blocking application right now
    as you said it’s weird that that ads is blocked and the others are shown !!!

    i’m using java based browser right now that doesn’t change the way that the content shown at all !

  • Andrea_R

    I like it. :) Much more representative of the content.

    the entry font size is a wee small though.

  • Leland

    @ameo: Hmm…what browser is that?

    @Andrea: I’ll look into increasing the font size.

    Thanks for the comments!

  • mayooresan

    Wow.. pro theme and nice color combination!
    HOT TO GO!

  • CBM

    Nice Leland, I think the glass graphics at the top right and the favicon are nice touches and represent your domain name/theme much better. I also prefer two column blogs, too. Hopefully the thinner column won’t interfere with our ability to demo the new themes you introduce.

    Looking good!

  • Omar

    the download links aren’t working. I’m trying to download the themes “Choice” and “Splashtastic”.. Could you advice?!

  • Leland

    Hi Omar, I was just about to post about that. They should be working now. If not try the links on the free WordPress themes page.

  • Paul

    I too am having trouble downloading the themes. When I click the download link it just brings me back to the main page.

  • Leland

    Can you tell me if the links you’re seeing are like /downloads/ or is it something like /?dl_id=50? The .zip format won’t work anymore, I had to disable the redirect plugin. I believe I have updated all of the download links. Please let me know if you’re still having issues.

  • Paul

    all works now…thanks!

  • Roshan

    love the new look! awesome!

  • ameo

    sorry leland is this was a little late .
    that java browser is experimental browser build totally on java technologies ,,
    sponsored by java sun company

  • Banago

    Very neat theme Leland, I like it a lot. I also made a move, but this time I changed the domain name in stead of the theme. :)

  • stewkelly

    Hey Leland,

    I pretty much like the new look except the header now gets lost in the black void of the background.

    The navigation is crisp and easy so that’s a big plus:)